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Blue Wonder Gun Care Kit & Cleaner

Everything you need for routine firearms maintenance in one kit.

The Blue Wonder™ Gun Care Kit contains a 4 oz tube of Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner, a 1 oz jar of Blue Wonder™ Armadillo, a new 1 oz Spray Bottle of Blue Wonder™ Disotec XFR and our newest product, a 4 oz bottle of Blue Wonder™ Fast Blast spray cleaner.

Now for the first time, all the prodcuts you need to keep your guns in tip top shape. This kit contains products for cleaning, protecting and lubricating your firearms. New in this kit is Blue Wonder™ Fast Blast, a powerful spray cleaner/lubricant for quick spray cleaning in receivers, actions and other hard to reach locations. Based on the technology of Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner, Fast Blast quickly and easily blasts out powder residue and grime that build up in your guns. Also new in this kit, is the Disotec XFR 1 oz spray bottle.

The kit is packaged in a convenient easy open clam shell package. The card inside the package contains complete instructions for each product.

Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner is simply the BEST gun cleaning product on the market today - Hands Down!!!

This powerful concentrated gel adheres to the surface for deep cleaning action. In the bore it completely removes copper and lead deposits, powder residues and plastic build-up. It also removes black powder corrosion, leaving a chemically clean, bare metal surface - in minutes!

In addition, Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner will remove rust from the exterior finish of a gun and it will not harm or affect the bluing! Add to that, it is completely non-toxic and bio-degradable! Comes in a 4 oz tube.

25.00  complete kit

10.50  4 oz cleaner
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