Break-Free Bore Cleaning Foam

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Break-Free BCF
Non-toxic and odorless, Bore Cleaning Foam chemically removes copper and brass compounds from the barrel in 15 minutes, and leaves a protective film behind to impede the accumulation of residue.

Bore Cleaning Foam has a pH value of 12 and can be used between the temperatures of -22 and 122F. Packaged in an aerosol can, Bore Cleaning Foam is easier to use than other ammonia-based products. In addition, this cleaner also removes normal combustion waste from your gun's barrel, eliminating the need for a second cleaner.

  • Effective but Gentle - uses a chemical reaction to remove copper and brass compounds with no mechanical friction
  • Fast - works in 15 minutes
  • Protective - leaves film that slows down renewed accumulation of similar residues
  • Easy - runs less than other cleaning agents, such as ammonia-based products
  • Efficient - also removes normal combustion waste, no need for a second cleaner
  • Safe - non-toxic, odorless, pH value of 12
  • Usable in temperatures between -30 and +50 Celsius [-22F and 122F].

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