Lyman® Reloading Equipment

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Lyman T-Mag II Expert Kit Deluxe

The Lyman line of reloading equipment is one of the oldest and most trusted--America's favorite. From beginners to advanced, we have the reloading equipment you need and want.

New to reloading?

All you need is one of our complete kits, plus a die set and shell holder for each cartridge. You supply the consumables (powder, primer, bullets, and brass).

Tumblers are a great way to clean spent brass, saving you time, and your kitchen sink.

Browse the links to the left, many of the accessories are designed to make the reloading process easier and more accurate.

Introduction to Reloading (PDF 3MB).

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T-Mag II = Turret Press; Crusher II = Orange Crusher
Expert Kit Deluxe > Expert Kit > Master Kit > Pro Kit

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