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There is no better way to get started in reloading than with Lyman's popular "Expert Kit". It is the one kit that offers a complete selection of top quality equipment. All you need to add is your reloading components and you are ready to load ammunition of the highest quality. The Expert Kit starts with the new T-Mag II Turret Press or Crusher II Press. You get a complete selection of all the best Lyman tools in one package. For powder handling, there's the high quality Pro 500 Beam Scale or Micro-Touch 1500 Electronic Scale and famous #55 Powder Measure. When it comes to case trimming, there is no better product than the efficient Universal Case Trimmer with universal chuckhead. No collets required! To complete this fine package are most of the small, but necessary, accessories that add speed and versatility. This may be your first purchase of reloading equipment. Make it the best. The Lyman Expert Kit makes you an expert right out of the box!

The new Master Reloading Kit compares in price to other starter kits but is the only one that includes a state of the art digital scale like the Lyman Micro-Touch 1500. Also available is the Crusher II Pro Kit--Lyman's bare bones complete starter kit. See chart below to compare kits.

Dies and Shellholders available for all popular (and some not so popular) rifle and handgun calibers.

Lyman T-Mag II Turret Press 7040781 Lyman T-Mag II Expert Kit Deluxe 7810142 Lyman T-Mag II Expert Kit 7810140

7040781 Press
7726153 Turret

T-Mag II Turret Press

America's favorite high speed turret press
Press includes 1 turret

274.95  192.46 ea. 

59.95  41.96 extra turret

T-Mag II Expert Kit Deluxe

w/ Micro-Touch 1500 Electronic Scale

595.95  417.17 kit

T-Mag II Expert Kit

w/ Pro 500 Beam Scale

529.95  370.97 kit
T-Mag II User Guide <-- click here for a PDF with more details on the T-Mag II Press

Lyman Crusher II Press 7726300 Lyman Crusher II Expert Kit Deluxe 7810149 Lyman Crusher II Expert Kit 7810120

Crusher II Press

No longer orange, but better than ever!

189.95  132.96 kit

Crusher II Expert Kit Deluxe

w/ Micro-Touch 1500 Electronic Scale

549.95  384.97 kit

Crusher II Expert Kit

w/ Pro 500 Beam Scale

495.95  347.16 kit
Crusher II User Guide <-- click here for a PDF with more details on the Crusher II Press
1 Item 7810120 is on backorder, with more expected January.

Lyman T-Mag II Master Kit 7810284 Lyman Crusher II Pro Kit 7810270 Lyman Crusher II Master Kit 7810281

T-Mag II Master Kit

519.95  363.97 kit

Crusher II Pro Kit

289.95  202.96 kit

Crusher II Master Kit

459.95  321.96 kit
1 Item 7810270 is on backorder, with more expected January.

T-Mag II
Expert Kit
T-Mag II
Expert Kit
T-Mag II
Master Kit
Crusher II
Expert Kit
Crusher II
Expert Kit
Crusher II
Master Kit
Crusher II
Pro Kit
T-Mag II Press     
Crusher II Press    
Universal Trimmer     
Nine Pilot Multipack     
Micro-Touch 1500 Electronic Scale     
Pro 500 Mechanical Beam Scale      
Powder Pan
#55 Powder Measure  
Powder Baffle  
Universal Priming Arm
Primer Tray    
Auto Primer Feed  
Extra Decapping Pins     
49th Edition Reloading Handbook
Primer Catcher
Deburring Tool     
Powder Funnel
Quick Release Turret System     
Case Lube Kit
7/8" x 14 Adapter  
Metallic Reloading Users Guide
Die Bench Wrench     
Loading Block      
Case Prep Multi-Tool       

Press Accessories

Primer Catcher
Primer Catcher
Auto-Primer Feed
Auto-Primer Feed
Primer Catcher. Made of heavy duty plastic. Unit locks securely to press, but is easily removed when emptying primers.

Auto-Primer Feed. Eliminates handling of primers with oily fingers, speeds loading. Supplied with two tubes (large and small). Fits T-Mag II and Crusher II.

Universal Priming Arm
Priming Arm
Bench Wrench
Bench Wrench

Priming Arm. Seats all sizes and types of primers. No extras to buy. Supplied with two priming sleeves (large and small).

Bench Wrench. Fits all current Lyman die lock nuts, T-Mag turret support post, decapping rod, seating screw, and expander plug hex nuts. Also new style Lyman & RCBS 7/8 x14" nuts.

Item IDSize/StyleDescriptionPriceSale
Press Accessories
7726420T-Mag/CrusherPrimer Catcher8.756.13
7729050T-Mag/CrusherAuto-Primer Feed32.5022.75
7412053LargeAuto-Primer Feed Tube7.755.42
7412052SmallAuto-Primer Feed Tube7.755.42
7728036T-Mag/CrusherPriming Arm18.5012.95
7392036Adapter 7/8 x 14 (inside threaded to accept 310 dies and the Model 55 powder measure)8.756.13
7990116Die Bench Wrench5.253.67

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