Reflex Sights

Sometimes called "red dot" or "heads up" sights

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Reflex Sight Reticles
Reflex SightReflex SightReflex SightReflex Sight
Dual Shot
Sure Shot (black)
Sure Shot (camo)
Ultra Shot
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Sure / Dual / Ultra Shot
Precision accuracy
Reliable and durable
Wide field of view
Optimal for rapid fire or moving target shooting
Multi-reticle (4 patterns, see above)
Adjustable reticle brightness
Unlimited eye relief
Built-in Weaver mount
Ulta Shot able to withstand the recoil of a 50 Cal
Lightweight, Shockproof
Low power consumption
Protected by a Limited Lifetime Factory Warranty

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FF13001UPC# 810119017321Firefield Micro Close Combat Red Dot59.9939.97
FF13004UPC# 810119012098Firefield Multi Red & Green Reflex Sight47.9939.97
FF13023UPC# 810119017345Firefield 3X Combat Sight179.99149.97
FF13025UPC# 810119017369Firefield MG "Kemper XL" Machine Gun Reflex Sight119.9999.97
FF13026UPC# 810119017376Firefield 1x30 Red/Green Dot Sight155.9979.97
FF26001UPC# 810119017437Firefield Mircro Reflex Sight59.9949.97
FF26002UPC# 810119017444Firefield Close Combat Red and Green Dot Sight95.9979.97
FF26003UPC# 810119019578Firefield Close Combat 1x28 Dot Sight with Red Laser119.9999.99
FF26004UPC# 810119019585Firefield Close Combat 1x22 Micro Dot Sight59.9949.99
FF26005UPC# 810119019592Firefield Close Combat 1x22 Micro Dot Sight with Red Laser83.9969.99
FF26006UPC# 810119019608Firefield Agility 1x30 Dot Sight for Remington 12ga. Shotgun83.9969.99
FF26007UPC# 810119019615Firefield Agility 1x25 Dot Sight with Multi-Dot Reticle71.9959.99
FF26008UPC# 810119019622Firefield Agility 1x30 Dot Sight59.9949.99
SM13001UPC# 810119010087Sightmark Mini Shot Reflex Sight95.9979.97
SM13002UPC# 810119010094Sightmark Laser Dual Shot Reflex Sight95.9979.97
SM13002DTUPC# 810119016621Sightmark Laser Dual Shot Reflex Sight Dove Tail95.9979.97
SM13003BUPC# 810119010100Sightmark Sure Shot Reflex Sight Black59.9949.97
SM13003BDTUPC# 810119016638Sightmark Sure Shot Reflex Sight Black Dove Tail59.9949.97
SM13003CUPC# 810119010124Sightmark Sure Shot Reflex Sight Camo71.9959.97
SM13003CDTUPC# 810119016645Sightmark Sure Shot Reflex Sight Camo Dove Tail71.9959.97
SM13005UPC# 810119010759Sightmark Ultra Shot Reflex Sight95.9979.97
SM13005DTUPC# 810119016652Sightmark Ultra Shot Reflex Sight Dove Tail95.9979.97
SM13005ZUPC# 810119018540Sightmark Ultra Shot Z Series Reflex Sight143.99119.97
SM14000UPC# 810119017055Sightmark Ultra Shot Sight QD Digital Switch119.9999.97
SM14002UPC# 810119016874Sightmark Ultra Shot Pro Spec Sight NV QD155.99129.97
SM14003UPC# 810119016881Sightmark Ultra Dual Shot Pro Spec NV Sight QD179.99149.97
SM14011UPC# 810119017239Sightmark Green Mini Shot with Sunshade Hood119.9999.97
SM19015UPC# 810119012289Sightmark Dual Shot Pressure Pad11.999.97
SM19017UPC# 810119019370Sightmark 3x-Tactical Magnifier S.T.S.143.99119.99
SM19018UPC# 810119019387Sightmark 5x-Tactical Magnifier S.T.S.179.99149.99
SM19019UPC# 810119019394Sightmark 7x-Tactical Magnifier S.T.S.203.99169.99
SM19023UPC# 810119014269Sightmark 30mm Slide-to-Side Mount47.9939.97
SM19024UPC# 810119016942Sightmark 3x-Tactical Magnifier Slide to Side119.9999.97
SM19025UPC# 810119016959Sightmark 5x-Tactical Magnifier Slide to Side143.99119.97
SM19026UPC# 810119016966Sightmark 7x-Tactical Magnifier Slide to Side167.99139.97
SM19030UPC# 810119018465Sightmark Mini Shot Pistol Mount Beretta47.9939.97
SM19031UPC# 810119018472Sightmark Mini Shot Pistol Mount 1911 Standard47.9939.97
SM19032UPC# 810119018489Sightmark Mini Shot Pistol Mount Sig Sauer P22647.9939.97
SM19033UPC# 810119018496Sightmark Mini Shot Pistol Mount Glock47.9939.97
SM19034UPC# 810119018502Sightmark Mini Shot Pistol Mount Springfield XD47.9939.97
SM19035UPC# 810119018519Sightmark Mini Shot Pistol Mount S&W M&P47.9939.97
SM19036UPC# 810119018526Sightmark Mini Shot Pistol Mount HK USP47.9939.97
SM26001UPC# 810119017451Sightmark Core Shot155.99129.97

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and that your order contains only Yukon, Sightmark, Firefield, and Landmark Outdoors items. Actual delivery times can vary. Items marked new may be delayed, possibly months, call first.
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