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Speedloader Carriers from Wilderness Tactical -- Great for 5-Star, HKS, and Safariland COMP I & II speedloaders
Due to it's adaptable design, they were going to call this the Really Adjustable Speedloader Holder (RASH). However, on second thought they decided that saying "I got a RASH from The Wilderness" might not be the best marketing. So they opted for a simple description that would tell you exactly what it does.

The Wilderness Speedloader Carrier was originally designed for the S&W X-Frame revolvers using the 5-Star Firearms Speedloaders. However, they are now available for all sizes of speedloaders (works with all brands). The X-Frame model even works for speedloaders designed for the Taurus Judge! The J-Frame model may also be resized to fit numerous other items, including the M1 Carbine 5-round hunting magazines, the Ruger 10/22 factory 10-round rotary magazines, and some smaller cell phones, etc.

The Wilderness Speedloader Carrier is made of durable medium-weight 100% nylon webbing which is doubled, edge and center-stitched. A Velcro® One-Wrap® hook and loop fastening system offers adjustability for different brands of speedloader, while die-cut sides improve grasp on the large X-Frame size. The signature wraparound belt loop makes them usable on all pants belts.

  • 6-Shot .22 Mag & LR
  • 7-Shot .22 Mag & LR
  • 8-Shot .22 Mag & LR
  • 10-Shot .22 Mag & LR
  • 6-Shot .327 Mag
  • 7-Shot .327 Mag
  • 5-Shot .357/.38 J-Frame
  • 6-Shot D-Frame
  • 6-Shot K-Frame
  • 6-Shot L-Frame
  • 7-Shot L-Frame
  • 8-Shot N-Frame
  • 5-Shot .41 /.44 /.45
  • 8-Shot 608
  • Chiappa Rhino
  • 6-Shot .41 /.44 /.45
  • 6-Shot .357 /.38 N6
  • Raging Judge .410/.454
  • Raging Judge Magnum 7-Shot
  • Governor .410 /.45
  • .454 Alaskan
  • .454 Raging Bull
  • .460 /.480 /.500
Item IDSizeDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
SPC22LRX-SmallTactical Speedloader Pouch (.22 Mag and .22 LR compatible)19.95
SPCJFRSmallTactical Speedloader Pouch (J-Frame compatible)23.95
SPCKNLMediumTactical Speedloader Pouch (K,L, and N-Frame compatible)23.95
SPCXFRLargeTactical Speedloader Pouch (X-Frame compatible)29.95

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*NOTE: Pricing is per piece (unless explicitly stated otherwise)--speedloaders, blocks, and cases sold separately--ammo not included.

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