5 Star .41 Magnum Speed Loaders

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  Pricing is per piece--speedloaders, blocks, and cases sold separately--ammo not included.  
Tactical = Anodized w/Black Finish;     Zombie = Anodized Green w/splatterings of Red

5 Shot
5X-41MAG Speedloader
.41 Mag 5 Shot Speedloader
  • Taurus 415 & 425

19.89 ea. Bare (pictured)

22.39 ea. Tactical

29.89 ea. Zombie

6 Shot
5Star 5Star
S6-41MAG Speedloader
.41 Mag 6 Shot Speedloader
S6-41MAG(BB) Bedside Block
.41 Mag 6 Shot Bedside Block
  • S&W 57 & 58

24.89 ea. Bare (pictured)

27.39 ea. Tactical

29.89 ea. Zombie
  Need extra rounds available for home defense? Look no further! Each Bedside Block is machined from a 4 inch by 2 inch piece of aircraft aluminum that is 3/4 inch think. Each block features 2 spots of 6 rounds each giving you 12 extra shots when you need it most.

14.94 ea. Bare (pictured)

17.44 ea. Tactical

19.94 ea. Zombie

*NOTE: We try to keep the majority of 5-Star items in stock for immediate shipment. Those marked as special order (or SO)
have a typical lead time of about a month, order now and your order will ship once everything is in.
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