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Your guns represent a major investment. Either as tools or as a collectable firearm, they deserve the very best guncare treatments available today. Whether you need gun cleaning solutions, lubrication, finish protection or refinishing, Blue Wonder™ Gun Care Products deliver the very best in gun maintenance products. The Blue Wonder™ Gun Care Product Line consists of Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner, Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue and Gun Black, Blue Wonder™ Armadillo, and NOW, Blue Wonder™ Gun Disotec XFR.

After years of research and testing, our original Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner and Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue were introduced at the Las Vegas Shot Show in February 2002 where they won the "Best of Show" award for the top new product in their category. Since that time, Blue Wonder™ Gun Care Products have been featured in dozens of magazines like Guns & Ammo, Handguns, Shooting Times, COPS, American Handgunner, Guns, The NRA's America's First Freedom American Hunter and American Rifleman, Police, North American Hunter, The Upland Almanac and many others. They have also been featured on the Outdoor Channel, Fox Sports Midwest, Comcast Southeast, Rusty Faulk Outdoors and Better Built's World of Outdoors.

Blue Wonder™ Blue Removal System - Melt factory blue away in seconds! Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue brought an innovation to gun bluing by enabling professional gun bluing results from the comfort of your home or shop. Blue Wonder™ Gun Black expanded that by creating a true black finish for firearms requiring a darker finish. As both of these product came into use, we received many questions about "How do I safely and quickly remove the existing gun blue?: Answer... The Blue Wonder™ Blue Removal System! A simple two step process. Simply apply the Blue Remover using the supplied applicator brush, allow it to sit for a few minutes and watch the factory blue disappear before your eyes! Rinse the Blue Remover with water and then apply the Stabilizer to neutralize the acids and prepare the metal for receiving Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue/Black. Also use as a preparation phase for any other gun bluing system where you want to remove the old bluing prior to the new application process.

Blue Wonder™ Disotec XFR - eXtreme Friction Reduction! Continuing the advenced technology breakthroughs of the award winning Blue Wonder™ Gun Care Products, Disotec XFR provides ?eXtreme Friction Reduction?, excellent penetrating qualities and superior long lasting corrosion protection. Use it the action of firearms as well as the exterior. Try it on hinges of tackle boxes, moving parts of fishing reels, pocket knives, compound bows and anyplace lubrication and/or corrosion protection is needed. Now available in a 1/2 oz tube and a 1 oz spray.

Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue Kits - Looks and Wears like Hot Blue! Quickly restore your guns to their original factory blue finish with Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue! Whether you need a simple touch up or a complete restore, Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue allows you to do the job yourself and saves you the cost of sending the weapon out to a gunsmith.

Blue Wonder™ Gun Black Kits - Finally, A True Black Finish in a Bottle! For years, people have been saying, Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue is great, but what about my black guns? Because we listen to our customers, we have now developed Blue Wonder™ Gun Black. Based on the same technology as the award winning Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue, you will now be able to touch up or refinish black guns to a high gloss or matt finish. Blue Wonder™ Gun Black uses the same application techniques as the Gun Blue.

Blue Wonder™ Gun Care Kit - The Ultimate in Total Gun Care! Everything you need for routine firearms maintenance in one kit. The Blue Wonder™ Gun Care Kit contains a 4 oz tube of Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner, a 1 oz jar of Blue Wonder™ Armadillo, a new 1 oz Spray Bottle of Blue Wonder™ Disotec XFR and our newest product, a 4 oz bottle of Blue Wonder™ Fast Blast spray cleaner.

Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner - Imagine... A Mirror Clean Bore! Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner is simply the BEST gun cleaning product on the market today - Hands Down!!! This powerful concentrated gel adheres to the surface for deep cleaning action. In the bore it completely removes copper and lead deposits, powder residues and plastic build-up. It also removes black powder corrosion, leaving a chemically clean, bare metal surface - in minutes! In addition, Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner will remove rust from the exterior finish of a gun and it will not harm or affect the bluing! Add to that, it is completely non-toxic and bio-degradable!

Blue Wonder™ Fast Blast - Quick, Convenient, Clean! Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner has poven itself to be a great bore cleaner and surface cleaner. Over the years we have received requests for a cleaner that will get down into the action and other hard to reach areas that need cleaning. We have taken the Micro-Penetration Technology of the Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaning Gel and produced a new product, Blue Wonder™ Fast Blast, a powerful spray cleaner designed to penetrate deep into actions, trigger assemblies, receivers, etc and quickly remove powder residue. Fast Blast is also great for a quick cleanup down the bore or for muzzle breaks and ported rifles, pistols and shotguns. Packaged in a 4 oz pump spray, Fast Blast is the perfect range bag companion.

Blue Wonder™ Leather Care3 - Clean, Protect & Restore! Blue Wonder™ brings innovation to the firearms accessory market with Leather Care 3. Engineered in close cooperation with Bianchi International, a world eader in leather holsters and other firearms accessories, Leather Care 3 cleans, restores and protects your valuable leather products. It cleans by removing light dirt, grime and oils from the surface of the leather. It restores the natural beauty and luster to the leather and at the same time brings back the original "new leather" smell. And finally it provides protection from water, sweat, UV rays, mold and mildew. Designed specifically for the demands of law enforcement duty gear, it is safe for use on all leather products from sporting gloves, to leather upholstery!

Blue Wonder™ Wood Shine - Restore the Natural Beauty of Wood Stocks! Blue Wonder™ Wood Shine brings the natural beauty of wood back to life! A simple wipe on, wipe dry application restores woods natural moisture balance, brings out the beauty of the natural wood grain and provides valuable UV protection to keep the sun from bleaching out wood. While Wood Shine is designed specifically for the outdoor requirements of outdoor use of long gun stocks, it is a natural product to use on all wood surfaces. Pistol grips, gun cases, furniture, picture frames just to name a few. Give your wood product the care they deserve! Give them Blue Wonder™ Wood Shine!

Blue Wonder™ Point Blank Tactical Odor Eliminator - The All Natural Odor Eliminator! Blue Wonder™ Odor Eliminato was designed for Law Enforcement and Military Professionals, Point Blank Tactical Odor Eliminator quickly eliminates offending odors from tactical duty gear. Spray Tactical Odor Eliminator on body armor, helmets, boots and other duty gear. Will not stain or otherwise harm these materials. Use on K-9 patrol units or spray directly on the dog to eliminate odors. Unpleasant odors in the back seat of the patrol car or jail cell are no match for Tactical Odor Eliminator!

Item IDSizeDescriptionPriceSaleShopping Cart
Blue Removal System - Melt factory blue away in seconds!
BWBRSKitBlue Removal System [#20580]14.9913.49
Disotec XFR - eXtreme Friction Reduction!
BWXFR11 oz SprayDisotec XFR - Premium Lubricant [#20541]9.998.99
Gun Blue Kits - Looks and Wears like Hot Blue!
BWGB22 ozGun Blue - Re-Bluing Kit [#20511]29.9926.99
BWGB1616 ozGun Blue - Gunsmith Kit [#20512]149.99134.99
Gun Black Kits - Finally, A True Black Finish in a Bottle!
BWGBLK22 ozGun Black - Refinishing Kit [#20519]29.9926.99
BWGBLK1616 ozGun Black - Gunsmith Kit [#20520]149.99134.99
Gun Cleaner - Concentrated Gel
BWGC4 oz TubeGun Cleaner - Concentrated Gel [#20516]12.9911.69
BWGC1212 oz BottleGun Cleaner - Concentrated Gel [#20515]29.9926.99
Fast Blast - Quick, Convenient, Clean!
BWFB4 oz SprayFast Blast Cleaner/Degreaser [#20560]9.998.99
Leather Care3 - Clean, Protect, Restore!
BWLC4 oz TubeLeather Care3 [#20570]9.998.99
Wood Shine - Restore the Natural Beauty of Wood Stocks!
BWWS4 oz BottleWood Shine [#20590]7.997.19
Tactical Order Eliminator
PBOE22 oz. Pump SprayPoint Blank Odor Eliminator [#00021]4.433.99
PBOE44 oz. Pump SprayPoint Blank Odor Eliminator [#00040]6.665.99
PBOE1616 oz. Trigger SprayPoint Blank Odor Eliminator [#00016]11.109.99
PBOE3232 oz. Trigger SprayPoint Blank Odor Eliminator [#00032]16.6614.99

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