Blue Wonder Armadillo

Blue Wonder Armadillo BWA Blue Wonder Armadillo

A Raincoat for Your Gun!

Following in the footsteps of the award winning Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue and Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner comes an exciting new gun care product, Blue Wonder™ Armadillo! Armadillo is a polymer protectant for use in lieu of traditional oils and greases, which leave wet films accumulating dirt, dust and powder residue. These easily rub off causing loss of protection, stains to clothing and a variety of other functional problems. Armadillo prevents these problems by providing a dry, hard shell finish designed to:

  • Protect firearms from the elements while in the field hunting.
  • Inhibit rust and corrosion - even in salt water environments.
  • Provide hard, dry lubrication for slides, rails, magazines, bolts, etc.
  • Inhibit dirt, dust and powder residue buildup.
  • Protect against body perspiration on concealed carry weapons.
  • Protect firearms while put away in gun cases or gun safes--without an oily film.
  • Protect against fingerprint oil and acid when handling firearms.

Simply apply the Blue Wonder™ Armadillo with a warm damp cloth, allow to dry to a haze and buff off with a clean dry cloth for the ultimate in firearm protection. SORRY, SOLD OUT.

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