Blue Wonder Blue Removal System

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Blue Wonder Blue Removal System BWBRS Blue Wonder Blue Removal System

The Blue Wonder™ Blue Removal System allows you to rapidly remove hot blue, cold blue, parkerized and other factory finishes.

  • Blue Remover is applied first and instantly removes the finish.
  • Stabilizer follows the Blue Remover, chemically preparing the metal for refinishing.
  • Unlike other blue removers, intense and prolonged scrubbing is not required.
  • A double ended nylon brush is included to work chemicals into intricate areas.
  • The System is chemically compatible with Blue Wonder Gun Blue and Gun Black, but can be used with any refinishing method.

Contains 4 oz bottle of Blue Remover, 4 oz bottle of Stabilizer, plus a double ended nylon utility brush.

14.99  13.49 ea. 

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