Blue Wonder Leather Care

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Blue Wonder Leather Care<SUP>3</SUP> BWLC Blue Wonder Leather Care3

Clean, Restore, & Protect!

Now you can bring the same high quality care you have been giving to your favorite firearms to your holsters and other leather firearm accessories! Leather Care3 provides the ultimate in leather care and protection. With one simple application you can Clean, Restore and Protect the investment you have made in your leather holsters and accessories.

Many leather conditioning products attempt to soften the leather by using tannic acid and other harsh chemicals. Over time, these acids and chemicals can break down the strength and structure of the leather. In the case of holsters this can affect retention and overall holster performance. Leather Care3 does not use any acids or other harmful chemicals. Rather, much like a cosmetic product for the skin, it treats the leather with a proprietary combination of oils and lotions to keep it moisturized and protected without affecting performance.

Leather Care3 protects leather from moisture, harmful UV rays, mold & mildew and even restores the original “leather smell”. Whether you wear your leather holster open and exposed to nature’s elements or concealed and exposed to body heat and perspiration, Leather Care3 is the ideal solution for preserving the beauty of your leather and extending the useful life of your holsters!

Other uses for Leather Care3

While designed specifically for holsters, Leather Care3 is the ideal product for all of your leather goods. The same need to preserve the strength and structure of holsters exists for many other leather products. Saddles and boots are perfect examples where traditional leather products can adversely affect the life of your investment. Additionally, you can use Leather Care3 on leather sofas and other furniture, coats, shoes, tennis shoes, automobile interiors, motorcycles and any other leather goods. Comes in a 4 oz tube.

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