Bore-Stores® Soft Protective Cases

It kind of feels like argyle socks when wrapped, but that fake smile
changes to a real smile when they open to find these instead.

Most carrying cases and factory boxes are not particularly good for long term storage--they can trap moisture that lead to rust and corrosion. Bore-Stores cases breath and are specially treated to protect, while whisking away moisture. They are great for back of the closet, bottom of the footlocker, under the bed, or in the gunsafe storage of your expensive firearms or other gear. They are also excellent inexpensive protection against rough handling during shipping or transport.

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BoreStores cases are made of special fabric that will not retain moisture
Open-weave surface allows thorough air circulation and evaporation
Pile interior cushions against nicks and scratches
Treated with pure silicone and a specially formulated proprietary rust inhibitor
Permits maintenance-free worry-free long term storage without heavy oils or grease
Field-Tested and given "Seal of Approval" by the North American Hunting Club

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