Bore-Stores Barrel Cases

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The Velcro closure barrel cases are also perfect for large knives or other
long objects that need protection against rust, dings, and scratches.

Bore-Stores Barrel Case Size Comparison

Item IDSizeExample ApplicationsPriceSaleShopping Cart
- GRAY -
Bore-Stores Single Barrel CasesBore-Stores Single Barrel CasesSingle Barrel Cases
TC13½" x 11½"10" Single T/C Barrel9.998.99
TC23½" x 19"14"-16" Single T/C Barrel11.9910.79
TC33½" x 24"21" Single T/C Barrel12.9911.69
TC43½" x 29"24"-26" Single T/C Barrel13.9912.59
BB14" x 36"Shotgun Barrel Bag14.9913.49
BB24" x 42"Shotgun Barrel Bag15.9914.39
Bore-Stores Scoped Barrel CasesBore-Stores Scoped Barrel CasesScoped Barrel Cases
STC16" x 15½"10" Single Scoped T/C Barrel12.9911.69
STC26" x 23"14"-16" Single Scoped T/C Barrel13.9912.59
STC36" x 27"21" Single Scoped T/C Barrel15.9914.39
STC46" x 33"24"-26" Single Scoped T/C Barrel16.9915.29

Item IDSizeExample ApplicationsPriceSaleShopping Cart
discontinued - PINK - limited availability
TC3P3½" x 24" Pink21" Single T/C Barrel12.9911.69
TC4P3½" x 29" Pink24"-26" Single T/C Barrel13.9912.59
MTC3P16" x 24" Pink4 Pockets for 21" T/C Barrels24.9922.49
1 Item TC3P - only one remaining in Pink
2 Item TC4P - only one remaining in Pink
3 Item MTC3P - only one remaining in Pink

For very long barrels, 5 to 7½ feet long, consider the fishing rod cases, click here.

NOTE: The Bore-Stores cases tend to run big for a loose fit. Applications shown are just examples, be sure to measure your stuff before ordering.

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