Bore-Stores Fishing Rod Cases

The Fishing Rod Cases have been discontinued.
35% Discount, while supplies last.

Breathable fabric, silicone impregnated, with thick pile interior.
Whisks away moisture, inhibits rust, protects against dings and scratches.

Bore-Stores FPx Fishing Rod CasesFishing Rod and Reel Cases

Item IDSizeDescription / Example ApplicationsPriceSaleShopping Cart
FP37" x 72"Fishing Rod & Reels (for 6' rods or shorter) [LIMITED AVAILABILITY]23.9915.59
FP47½" x 72"Fishing Rod & Reels (for 6' rods or shorter) [LIMITED AVAILABILITY]23.9915.59
FP78" x 78"Fishing Rod & Reels (for 6' 6" rods or shorter) [LIMITED AVAILABILITY]25.9916.89
FP88" x 84"Fishing Rod & Reels (for 7' rods or shorter) [LIMITED AVAILABILITY]26.9917.54
FP98" x 90"Fishing Rod & Reels (for 7' 6" rods or shorter) [LIMITED AVAILABILITY]26.9917.54

For short rods or break-down rods, consider the barrel cases, click here.

NOTE: The Bore-Stores cases tend to run big for a loose fit. Applications shown are just examples, be sure to measure your stuff before ordering. We have a limited availability of all BoreStores cases, and do not know when we'll be getting more in--if you order more than what we have availble, we will reduce you order to what we have. There are no further discounts on BoreStore cases.

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