Bore-Stores General Purpose Cases Cleaning Mitt, Wipe, Mats

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Bore-Stores cases can be used for much more than just firearms, knives, and their accessories. They can be used on anything that needs protection from rust, corrosion, dings, scratches, or rough handling. Some examples: The barrel cases are excellent for anything long and thin, such as your lucky fishing poll, or perhaps a spare axle for that classic car you are working on. Use a pistol case for a spare fishing reel, or use a rifle or musket case for your rod and reel setup. The knife cases or magazine cases are excellent for protecting your tools. The cases below could be used for powertools, drafting equipment, and camping supplies. Be sure to check out the fishing rod cases.

P5 RC1

Square-Cut Cases

Item IDSizeExample ApplicationsPriceSaleShopping Cart
P510" x 18"Scoped Handguns up to 14", T/C Contender, Some SMG's18.9917.09
RC110" x 36"Folding Stock Riotguns, CAR-15 , Folding Stock Mini-14, AK, Riot Shotgun24.9922.49


Multi Store Cases

Item IDSizeExample ApplicationsPriceSaleShopping Cart
MS16" x 7½"Multi Store (Small)10.999.89
MS26½" x 8"Multi Store (Medium)12.9911.69
MS38" x 8"Multi Store (Large)14.9913.49


Cleaning Mitt,
Wipe, & Gun Mats

The MITT is an inside-out BoreStores that you can put your hand in and use for wipping down your stuff. The WIPE and MAT's are simply flat pieces of Bore-Stores material with the edges finished. Use them to work on or wipe down your firearms, accessories, or tools. Also handy to wrap odd items for protection and storage. The MITT and WIPE are treated, the MAT's are untreated.
Item IDSizeExample ApplicationsPriceSaleShopping Cart
- GRAY -
MITT9" x 10"Cleaning Mitt6.996.29
WIPE7" x 14"Cleaning Wipe5.995.39
PMAT12" x 24"Pistol Cleaning Mat (Untreated)9.998.99
RMAT12" x 48"Rifle Cleaning Mat (Untreated)14.9913.49
MMAT12" x 72"Musket Cleaning Mat (Untreated)30.9927.89
discontinued - PINK - limited availability
WIPEP7" x 14" PinkCleaning Wipe5.995.39
PMATP12" x 24" PinkPistol Cleaning Mat (Untreated)9.998.99
RMATP12" x 48" PinkRifle Cleaning Mat (Untreated)14.9913.49
MMATP12" x 72" PinkMusket Cleaning Mat (Untreated)30.9927.89
1 Item MMATP - only two remaining in Pink

Click here for TekMat Illustrated GunMats, another great brand we stock.

Click here for the Lyman Essential Gun Mat.

NOTE: The Bore-Stores cases tend to run big for a loose fit. Applications shown are just examples, be sure to measure your stuff before ordering.

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