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Breathable fabric, silicone impregnated, with thick pile interior.
Whisks away moisture, inhibits rust, protects against dings and scratches.

From left to right: Case P1, Case P2, Case P3, Case P4
From left to right: Case P1 (.22 Auto, Phoenix HP22), Case P2 (.380 Auto, Beretta 85),
Case P3 (9mm Auto, Beretta 92), Case P4 (6" S&W Revolver)

Item IDSizeExample ApplicationsPriceSaleShopping Cart
- GRAY -
P15"Mini-Revolver, Derringer, Small Pocket Auto, Magloader9.998.99
P26½" x 8"Small Revolver, Most .32 & .380 Autos11.9910.79
P3R5" x 10"4" Barrel, Small Revolver9.998.99
P37" x 10"4" Barrel Revolver, Large Frame Auto12.9911.69
P3L7½" x 10½"Large Auto/4" Revolver with Laser Sight14.9913.49
P47" x 12"4"-6" Barrel Revolver, Large Frame Auto13.9912.59
P3A9" x 12"Large Auto/4" Revolver with Aimpoint16.9915.29
P136" x 12½"Broomhandle15.9914.39
P67" x 14"8" Barrel Revolver, Long Flintlock15.9914.39
P89" x 14½"10" Barrel Scoped Contender18.9917.09
P77" x 16"10" Barrel Revolver, 10" Contender, Buntline Revolver18.9917.09
P510" x 18"Scoped Handguns up to 14", T/C Contender, Some SMG's18.9917.09
P108" x 19"16" Barrel T/C Encore18.9917.09
P99" x 19"14" Barrel Scoped Contender19.9917.99
P1111" x 20"16" Barrel T/C Scoped Encore20.9918.89
P128½" x 23½"Remington XP10020.9918.89
discontinued - PINK - limited availability
P12P8½" x 23½" PinkRemington XP10020.9918.89
1 Item P12P - only one remaining in Pink

Bore-Stores MAG4 Magazine Case Handgun Magazine Cases
Keep those expensive magazines clean, dry, and ding-free.

Item IDSizeExample ApplicationsPriceSaleShopping Cart
- GRAY -
MAG12" x 6"1 Pocket, Pistol Magazine Protector4.994.49
MAG1L2" x 7½"1 Pocket, Extended Pistol Magazine Protector4.994.49
MAG24" x 6"2 Pocket, Pistol Magazine Protector6.996.29
MAG2L4" x 7½"2 Pocket, Extended Pistol Magazine Protector6.996.29
MAG46" x 8"4 Pocket, Pistol Magazine Protector9.998.99
MAG614" x 6"6 Pocket, Pistol Magazine Protector12.9911.69
SUBMAG412" x 12"4 Pocket, 30 Round Submachine Gun Magazine Protector22.9920.69
discontinued - PINK - limited availability
MAG1P2" x 6" Pink1 Pocket, Pistol Magazine Protector4.994.49
MAG1LP2" x 7½" Pink1 Pocket, Extended Pistol Magazine Protector4.994.49
MAG2P4" x 6" Pink2 Pocket, Pistol Magazine Protector6.996.29
MAG2LP4" x 7½" Pink2 Pocket, Extended Pistol Magazine Protector6.996.29
MAG4P6" x 8" Pink4 Pocket, Pistol Magazine Protector9.998.99
SUBMAG4P12" x 12" Pink4 Pocket, 30 Round Submachine Gun Magazine Protector22.9920.69
2 Item MAG1LP - only one remaining in Pink
3 Item SUBMAG4P - only two remaining in Pink

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another great line we carry.

NOTE: The Bore-Stores cases tend to run big for a loose fit. Applications shown are just examples, be sure to measure your stuff before ordering.

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