Bore-Stores Knife Cases

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The knife cases below have Velcro closures. For smaller knives, such as pocket knives, the magazine cases would be perfect. For very large knives, such as swords, consider the barrel or longgun cases.

Knife Cases Folding Knife Case

Item IDSizeExample ApplicationsPriceSaleShopping Cart
- GRAY -
SK3" x 9"Small Knife Case10.999.89
MK3" x 11"Medium Knife Case11.9910.79
LK4" x 14"Large Knife Case12.9911.69
FK617½" x 5"6 Pocket Folding Knife/Speedloader Case21.9919.79
discontinued - PINK - limited availability
MKP3" x 11" PinkMedium Knife Case11.9910.79
1 Item MKP - only two remaining in Pink

NOTE: The Bore-Stores cases tend to run big for a loose fit. Applications shown are just examples, be sure to measure your stuff before ordering.

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