Break-Free Chain Lube


Break FreeŽ Chain Lube is truly a unique formulation of multiple high-performance ingredients consisting of extreme pressure-resistant synthetic oils plus anti-wear inhibitors that provide a super slick metal treatment that lasts. Parts coated with Chain Lube have been proven to work smoother and easier. Friction and wear are dramatically reduced.

Break-Free Chail Lube
  • Advanced lubrication technology that overcomes friction and wear found in the most demanding and adverse conditions
  • Resists build-up of dust, dirt, sand and grit unlike many lubricants that allow a build-up of foreign matter
  • Withstands ambient temperature and pressures
  • Will not breakdown to form waxy residues under heat and pressure
  • Increases the performance of any mechanism that turns, pivots, pulls, screws, rotates, slides or coils

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BCL12 oz. BottleChain Lube5.48

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