Break-Free CLP

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Break-Free CLP

When the United States Military issued PD-48, a purchase description of properties for a single, multi-purpose product to maintain their weaponry, it became known as the "impossible specification" because of its severe requirements. The first product to meet the challenge - Break-Free CLP.

Break-Free's flagship product, CLP is a unique formulation of synthetic oils and individual proprietary ingredients which synergize in combination to do three important tasks simultaneously: Effectively Clean, Lubricate and Protect metal. After years of rigorous testing, CLP actually exceeded the Military's requirements and was approved as a product to meet the MIL-L-63460 specification. Break-Free CLP is now recognized around the world as the standard by which maximum metal performance and protection is ensured.

  • Penetrates and spreads along metal surfaces into every pit and crevice to undercut contamination and lift residue away where it can be removed.
  • Long-lasting lubricating film dramatically reduces adhesion of sand, grit or other abrasives which cause wear and failure.
  • Corrosion inhibitors prevent the formation of rust while Break-Free's unique boundary film protects metal surfaces from moisture and other contaminants.
  • Specially formulated synthetic oils won't lose viscosity, dry out or stiffen up in extreme environments - such as cold, heat, dust, dirt, humidity and even salt air - keeping equipment in ready condition for months at a time.

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CLP162/3 oz Squeeze BottleCLP (Gun Kit Size)4.98
CLP112 oz Pump SprayerCLP7.98
CLP202 oz Child Resistant BottleCLP6.98
CLP24 oz AerosolCLP9.48
CLP44 oz Squeeze BottleCLP (w/ Extension Tube)9.48
CLP1212 oz AerosolCLP15.48
CLP12(dented)12 oz AerosolCLP [dented can and/or broken cap] (just a cosmetic flaw, save a buck)  (EXTRA SPECIAL PRICING) 14.48
CLP5Pint Trigger SprayerCLP26.98
CLP8Liter Trigger SprayerCLP (originally $72.20)  (EXTRA SPECIAL PRICING) 59.98
CLP71 GallonCLP122.48
CLP7x44 x GallonCLP (case of four, one gallon bottles)  (EXTRA SPECIAL PRICING) 439.00
BFI_WW6-3/4" x 3", 20 SheetsCLP Treated Weapon Wipes8.98
BFI_IWW6-3/4" x 3", SingleCLP Individually Wrapped Wipes  (EXTRA SPECIAL PRICING) 0.62

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CLP7x4 is a special order item, please allow extra time for delivery, no additional discounts apply.

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