Break-Free Lubricant / Preservative

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Break-Free LP

  • Beneficial to all shooters, but especially heavy volume shooters of rapid fire automatic handguns and rifles including Law Enforcement Officers and all target shooters.
  • Originally developed for manufacturers of heavy automatic military cannon to keep their weapons working under long and sustained fire during battle.
  • Secret formula contains specially polymerized synthetic oils for improved boundary film strength, plus multiple anti-wear and extreme pressure additives to reduce friction, stop build-up of foreign particles, and inhibit rust and corrosion of all metal.
  • Consistent cyclic rates are maintained and gun actions operate smoother and easier even under adverse conditions and extended firing periods.
  • Replaces grease and heavy viscosity lubes.
  • Ideal for all firearms from semi-automatic to military/police assault weapons. Great for polymer composition automatics. Prevent galling on stainless steel and other exotic gunmetals including titanium.
  • Doesn't dry out, harden, solidify or attract metal fines and other contaminants. Always stays in bearing area to lubricate.
  • Environmentally safer and user friendly.

Item IDSizeDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
LP31/2 oz Squeeze BottleLubricant / Preservative (Gun Kit Size)3.00
LP44 oz Squeeze BottleLubricant / Preservative (w/ Extension Tube)9.48
LP5Pint Trigger SprayerLubricant / Preservative26.98

NOTE: LP-4 is also-known-as GL-4

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