Break-Free Weapon Wipes

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Weapon Wipes
Break-Free Weapon Wipes
Canister of 20 wipes
Individual Weapon Wipes
Break-Free Weapon Wipes
Individually Packaged

Break-Free Weapon Wipes are soft absorbent non-woven cloth wipes presaturated with Break-Free CLP; a military specification approved cleaning, lubricating and protection oil with corrosion and rust inhibitors. Eliminates the need for messy oils, cleaners, and cut cloths.
  • Fast and Effective.
  • Convenient one step lubrication to clean and protect your weapon in the field.
  • For use in all weather conditions.
  • Ideal for small arms rifles, fishing equipment, knives, and outdoor equipment.
  • 20-wipe plastic container, or individually wrapped single use package.

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NEW - CO Collector Weapon Wipes
BFI_CO_WW6-3/4" x 3", 20 SheetsCO Weapon Wipes8.98
CLP Weapon Wipes
BFI_WW6-3/4" x 3", 20 SheetsCLP Treated Weapon Wipes8.98
BFI_IWW6-3/4" x 3", SingleCLP Individually Wrapped Wipes  (EXTRA SPECIAL PRICING) 0.62

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