Butch's Triple Twill Patches

Butch's "Triple Twill" Patches
Drop Zones
"Drop Zones"
to capture fouling!
Last year "Butch's Bore Shine" took the shooting market by storm. Customers told us that after trying Butch's, they will never use another bore cleaner. We were so pleased with the success of Butch's we set out to find the perfect patch to go along with Butch's solvent and oil. Like Butch's bore shine, we wanted a better product, a patch that would hold more liquid and remove fouling faster than ordinary cotton flannel patches. By chance, we discovered Triple Twill, a fabric used by laboratories and cleanrooms. Triple Twill's special weave has hundreds of tiny "ridges and drop zones" which scrub and capture fouling residues far better than flannel patches. Butch's Triple Twill won't shed lint like other patches can. They also have been specially treated to gain the absolute maximum in liquid absorbency. Butch's Triple Twill Patches are the highest quality patches you can buy anywhere.

Mini Containers: Same Butch's Triple Twill Patches in a reusable clear plastic screw top container. The smaller size is great for taking to the range, or for stocking your cleaning kit.

Item IDSizeDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
02882Mini Container of 5001-1/8" Square Triple Twill Patches (.22-.270 Cal)13.98
02901Bag of 10001-1/8" Square Triple Twill Patches (.22 Rimfire, .22-.270 cal)23.50
02913Bag of 10001-1/2" Square Triple Twill Patches (6mm, .243 Cal)23.50
02883Mini Container of 3001-3/4" Square Triple Twill Patches (7mm-.35 cal; 9mm & .38/.357)13.98
02904Bag of 7501-3/4" Square Triple Twill Patches (7mm-.35 cal; 9mm & .38/.357)23.50
02906Bag of 5002-1/4" Square Triple Twill Patches (.35-.45 Cal, .38/.357, 9mm-.45 Cal)23.50
02908Bag of 3752-1/2" Square Triple Twill Patches (.45-.58 Cal, .410, 28 & 20 Gauge)23.50
02911Bag of 3003" Square Triple Twill Patches (10, 12, 16 Gauge)23.50

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