Belt Slide Cartridge Carriers

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Belt Slide Cartridge Carrier

RCCB (rifle)
SSCB (shotgun)
PCCB (handgun)
Belt Slide Cartridge Carriers

Get one of these cartridge holders for your belt. The belt cartridge carriers are made to be worn on belts up to 2.25" wide. The ammo belt holder is constructed of 1000 denier nylon with elastic loops for cartridges. These cartridge belt slides are available in three sizes to fit handgun, rifle or shotgun cartridges.

  • Rifle size holds nine rifle cartridges
  • Shotgun size holds six 12/20 gauge shotshells
  • Handgun size holds six .38/.357 cartridges

15.95  13.56  Rifle (holds 9)

15.95  13.56  Shotgun (holds 6)

15.95  13.56  Handgun (holds 6)

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