Butt Stock Ammo Carrier

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Butt Stock Ammo Carrier

BSWR (rifle)
BSWS (shotgun)
Butt Stock Ammo Carrier

These butt-stock cartridge carriers are made to be attached to rifle or shotgun stocks. Select "Rifle Cartridge Carrier" or "Shotshell Carrier".

  • Constructed of 1000 denier nylon with elastic loops for cartridges
  • Buttstock ammo carrier attaches to the stock with velcro hook and loop for easy on/off
  • Rifle ammo holder carries nine rifle cartridges
  • Shotgun shell carrier holds five 12/20 gauge shotgun shells
  • Shotgun and rifle cartridge holder available in black

14.95  12.71  Rifle

14.95  12.71  Shotshell

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