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Safariland Loading Block J_KTR (K-Frame)
J_LP (L-Frame)
Safariland Loading Block

To use the block, insert the rounds nose down in the circles. Place a speedloader over the rim of the rounds and lock the loader.

  • Speedloader for speedloaders
  • Works with all popular brands of speedloaders
  • Removable handle makes for easy carrying
  • Wadcutter, semi-wadcutter, or round nose .38/.357 ammo
  • Holds 14 6-round loads, for 84 total rounds
  • Measures 13-1/4" x 3-3/8" x 1/2"
  • Heavy black polypropylene

32.00 K-Frame  

32.00 L-Frame  

J_KTR (K-Frame) fits .38/.357 S&W K Frame, Ruger Security Six, Colt Trooper, Python, MK III & V, King Cobra, and Peacekeeper
J_LP (L-Frame) fits .38/.357 S&W L Frame, Ruger GP-100, and Colt Python OMM, Old Model Troopers & O.P.

Pricing is per piece--speedloaders, blocks, and cases sold separately--ammo not included.

Click here for 5 Star loading blocks--another great line we stock.

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