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The HKS Mag-Loader is capable of loading 15 rounds in 18 seconds. Faster and easier than ever before, the HKS magazine speed loader quickly loads single or double stack magazines. Simple to use: magazine slips into loader and is held by hand. Depress thumb lever and load.

If your pistol is not specifically listed, the magloader may not fit--check with the gun manufacturer. If the magazine dimensions are the same as a listed pistol, then they might use the same mag loader. If your magazine is non-standard, the speedloader may not fit. Make sure you understand the difference between single-stack and double-stack (see notes at bottom). Listed below is the extent of what has been tested by HKS or reported by other customers as working--if your gun is not listed we have no further information (see additional notes on the bottom of this page). The applications shown in (parenthesis) are those added by other customers--we have not tested them, we do not guarantee that they will work, but they are returnable.

HKS Mag Loader
Magazine Speedloader
Depress thumb lever and load
It's this simple

Item IDStyleApplicationsPriceShopping Cart
Single Stack Magazine Speedloaders
450Single StackColt .45 ACP All 7 Rd. Magazines. Many 8 Rd.
Llama .45ACP
Auto Ordnance 1911-A1, Pitbull, (.40 S&W)
Springfield 1911-A1
Safari Arms GI, Matchmaker
451Single Stack
Colt Large Frame Single Line Magazines 9mm, .45 ACP, .38 Super, .40 Cal., 10mm
Ruger P90, (P97)
Sig 220, 239, 245
(Astra .40 Cal.)
Safari Arms
Star Fire Star .40 Cal.
S&W Single Stack Magazines .40 Cal., .45 ACP., 10mm
Taurus PT945
(Kahr K40, PM40)
(Norinco .45 ACP)
(Para-Ordnance C6)
(Beretta Mini Cougar .45)
943Single Stack
Walter .380 PPK, PPKS
AMT .380
Colt .380
Beretta .380
Bersa .380
Sig .380
Astra .380
(Jennings .380)
(Accu-Tek AT-380)
(Lorcin L-380)
(Other Single Stack .380's...)
S&W 9mm
Taurus 9mm
Walther 9mm P5, P38
Sig P225 9mm (P239 9mm)
Astra 9mm
Llama 9mm
HK 9mm
Star Fire Star 9mm
(Kahr K9, PM9)
(Norinco 77B)
(Other Single Stack 9mm's...)
Double Stack/
Staggered Magazine Speedloaders
380Double Stack.380 Cal. Taurus, Browning, Beretta, Bersa, (CZ 82, 83)
Single Stack Magazines Use Model 943
940Double StackBrowning High Power, BDM
Ruger P85, P89, P93, P95, (KP89, KP93, KP95, PC9, COM)
S&W .40 Cal. 411, 4003, 4006, 4026, 4043, 4046, (M&P 9mm & 40 Cal. [*see note below])
Sig P226, P228, P229, (SP2340, SP2009, SP2022, SP2340, Military M11)
Taurus .40 Cal. PT100, PT101, 940
CZ 75 (not P-07), 85, 99 & TZ
(Daewoo DH-40, DP-51)
(Mauser 80, 90)
941Double StackBeretta 92F, 96F [also compacts], (92, 96, and 98 series, Cougar [also compacts] [not 8045], Cx4 [9mm & 40 Cal], Military M9)
Ruger P91, P94, (KP91, KP94, P944, KP944, PC4)
MRI Baby Eagle (not .45)
S&W 9mm 915, 946, 5903, 5904, 5906, 5926, 5946, 6904, 6906, 6946, 910, (SW99)
Daewoo DP51
Taurus PT92 (C) PT99, 957
Llama 9mm (13)
Springfield Armory P9, (XD9 & XD40 [*see note below])
Walther P88 & Compact, P99
EAA Witness 9mm [13 & 16], .40 Cal. [9 & 12] (*see note below)
(BersaThunder/Firestorm 9mm)
(Colt All American)
GL940Double StackGlock 17, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27, 33, 34, 35, 39, (17L)
HK USP, (USP9, USP40, P2000)
S&W Sigma 9mm & .40 Cal. [*see note below]
(FNH FNP-40)
GL942Double StackGlock Plus 2 17 & 22 Only12.98
GL453Double Stack
Glock 20, 21, 10mm, .45 ACP
452Double Stack
Para Ordnance P12, P13, P14
Star Mega Star
STI McCormick
EAA Witness .45 ACP
Astra .45 ACP
(Beretta 9000 series [*see note below])
(S&W M&P 45)
(Taurus 24/7 .45 ACP)
(FNH FNP-45)
22LR Magloader22LR Magazine Loader.22 LR Magazine Speedloaders
22B.22 LRBrowning Buck Mark, Challenger II
Ruger 22/45
Mitchell Arms (High Standard)
22R.22 LRRuger MK I, MK II (not the MK III)4.98
22S.22 LRS&W 41, 422, 622, 2213, 22144.98
P089mmMitchell Arms American Eagle
Luger P-08
Stoeger P-08

Single Stack vs. Double Stack (aka Staggered): This is a characteristic of the gun. For the gun, if there exists a magazine where the cartridges line up in a staggered formation, then the gun is considered double stack. Some double stack magazines limit the capacity to 10-rounds or less by forcing the cartridges into a straight stack by pinching in the sides--these are still considered double stack. Single stack magazines are only slightly thicker than one cartridge, while double stack magazines are generally 1-1/2 to twice as thick as one cartridge. If you are not certain, contact the manufacturer of the gun. If there is a dimple along any part of the length of the magazine, or the magazine is otherwise thickened, it will likely not work with the single-stack loaders above, despite the manufacturer classifying the magazine as single-stack.

*Notes (based on customer feedback):

Applications added by other customers have not been tested by HKS nor The Pistoleer.
--though we believe our customers are accurate, we cannot guarantee it.
As per our return policy, if you don't like the fit, you may return it (S&H not refundable).
Results can vary between like models and between users.
Send us an email if there is something we can add to our list.

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