Kleen-Bore® Gun Care Products

Have fun, but keep it clean!
Prices reduced for Summer on some of the most popular cleaning supplies
Plus get an additional 10% cash discount off the sale price

Kleen-Bore makes some of the finest gun care products available--much better than that cheap junk sold at the local discount department stores. Pistoleer.com is now offering the complete line--if there is anything missing from the listing, let me know. If you have any questions on a particular item, please email me.

  • Cleaning Kits
    • Complete kits to keep any firearm clean and working perfectly
    • From basic kits, cable pull through kits, field kits, and universal kits,
      to luxurious presentation kits
  • Cleaning Rods
    • Choose the right length to clean each firearm
    • Precision made, available in brass, aluminum, steel, stainless, coated, and GI
  • Bore Brushes & Cotton Mops
    • Precision made and packaged in reusable tubes (except military style)
    • Phosphor bronze, nylon, or stainless; also cylinder & chamber brushes
  • Gun Care Chemicals Cleaners Lubricants Protectants (CLP)
    • The finest lubricants, solvent cleaners, and rust preventatives
    • Everything to clean, polish, and protect your firearms
  • Cleaning Cloths & Patches
    • Specially treated gun & reel clothes to protect the luster of your firearms
    • 100% cotton patches available in sizes for any caliber or gauge
  • Cleaning Aids, Speciality Tools, & Accessories
    • Cleaning jags, patch holders, muzzle guards, conversion adapters, mats
    • Videos, general purpose gun brushes, bore inspector light
    • ChamberMate and ClayMate shotgun cleaning tools
  • Shooter's Aids
    • Solid aluminum shotgun snap caps, GunnySocks, anti-corrosion storage bags
    • Kleen-Bore logo shooters' caps and shirts
  • Shooter's Range Bags
    • Conveniently holds and organizes all your necessary equipment
    • Gun cases too
  • Magazine Care
    • Don't neglect your magazines--they are key to reliable operation
    • Specialized mop and brushes to help you keep your mags in top order
  • Bulk Orders
    • Buy KleenBore products in bulk, and save!

Kleen-Bore= Kleen Bore = Kleenbore
Klean-Bore = Klean Bore = Kleanbore = Clean-Bore = Clean Bore = Cleanbore

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