Kleen-Bore Airgun/Smallbore Accessories

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Cleaning Kits
SAFK17.17 CaliberSaf-T-Clad Cleaning Kit (Originally $37.66)  (EXTRA SPECIAL PRICING) 26.64
K17.17 SmallboreClassic Rifle Cleaning Kit (Originally $38.90)  (EXTRA SPECIAL PRICING) 26.64
K20.204 SmallboreClassic Rifle Cleaning Kit (Originally $37.66)  (EXTRA SPECIAL PRICING) 26.64
AIR177.177 AirgunSaf-T-Clad Cleaning Kit w/ S-10 Solvent (Originally $96.54)  (EXTRA SPECIAL PRICING) 59.98
K1704.17/.204 SmallboreClassic Airgun Cleaning Kit (Originally $38.90)  (EXTRA SPECIAL PRICING) 26.64
Cleaning Rods
SAF30333"Saf-T-Clad One-Piece Rod, .17 Caliber27.15
SB16934"Multi-Section Steel .17" Diameter Rod, Small Bore22.20
Bore Brushes and Mops
A175.17 SmallborePhosphor Bronze Bore Brush2.02
A175B.17 SmallborePhosphor Bronze Bore Brush -- BULK1.79
A176B.204 SmallborePhosphor Bronze Bore Brush -- BULK  [SPECIAL ORDER--500 MINIMUM] 1.61
A175N.17/.200 SmallboreAirgun/Rifle Nylon Bore Brush2.33
A175NB.17/.200 SmallboreAirgun/Rifle Nylon Bore Brush -- BULK1.85
MOP17.17 Cal./.204 Cal.Smallbore/Airgun Cotton Bore Mop (#3-48 thread) [Replaces Old ID MOP220]2.30
MOP17B.17 Cal./.204 Cal.Smallbore/Airgun Cotton Bore Mop (#3-48 thread) -- BULK (Replaces Old ID MOP220B)2.15
Cloths and Patches
GC220S100 square inchSilicone Gun & Reel Cloth3.98
GC220P100 square inchSilicone Gun & Reel Cloth [10 Pack]32.87
P200100 each7/8" Square 100% Cotton Patches3.60
JAG17.17/.204 SmallboreBrass Jag3.52
JAG226.177/.200 SmallboreAirgun Brass Jag/Pellet Pusher (note no barb)3.52
JAG227.22-.25/5.56mm-6.5mmBrass Jag3.52
UT221Nylon BristleGun Brush, Double Ended3.32
UT222Stainless SteelGun Brush3.56
UT223Phosphor BronzeGun Brush3.56
UT_SETPistoleer ComboUT221 + UT222 + UT223 (save a buck with this set)  (EXTRA SPECIAL PRICING) 9.44

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