Kleen-Bore Gun Care Chemicals

GB2 (2oz bottle)
Black Magic Gun Bluing

Black Magic is a premier, high performance cold bluing solution, previously available only to gunsmiths, produces a deep, penetrating action to restore worn or scratched gun metal to like-new finish. It’s the choice of many major firearms manufacturers for touching up guns before they leave the factory. Packaged in a container with a child-resistant cap and expert, easy-to-follow instructions.

12.98 ea. 

GO5A (14oz spray can)

KleenBore Exclusive -Multi Function Cap- Use straw or mist with Spray with the same can, no extra straw needed! GUNK-OUT™ quickly evaporate and blasts away caked-on oil contaminated dirt, dust, and powder residues. Solves most malfunction problems. KleenBore’s GUNK-OUT makes cleaning modern firearms easier and faster. Cleans fast and will not harm plastic, wood, laminates, composites, rubber grips, or any other material including camo finishes. Use Oil after use of GUNK-OUT on all metal surfaces and metal to metal contact points, as GUNK-OUT removes all oil/grease from metal surface.

  • Quickly cleans and evaporates fast
  • Solves most malfunction problems
  • Will not harm plastic, wood, laminates, composites, rubber grips, or any other material including Camo finish

18.98 ea. 

KB-MSCLP-1 (1oz needle oiler)
Kleenbore MIL-SPEC CLP
Powered by Break Free

Originally this CLP was developed for the U.S. Military and proven in the world’s most extreme conditions, along with being trusted by Military and Agencies around the world. Our proven CLP formula cleans burnt powder residue and other fouling found in the bore, on moving parts, and the exterior. Most importantly, it provides Rust and Corrosion Protection, Reduces Friction, and will not break down under Extreme Pressure or Extreme Operating Temperatures.

7.68 ea. 

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