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GO5A Gunk-OutTM Gun Metal Cleaner/Degreaser

Flushes Away Powder & Other Firing Residue, Oil and Grease Buildup. Ideal for Use Prior to Blueing Gun Metal

Gunk-OutTM is an excellent gun metal cleaner and degreaser. Oil contaminated with dirt, dust, and powder residues along with too much lubrication are the primary causes for gun failure. Gunk-OutTM removes excess and contaminated oil from actions, chambers, levers, bolts, trigger assemblies, slides, exteractors, magazines, barrels, and all other working mechanisms. The jet action tube delivers a blast of cleaning solvent to the deepest crevices, effectively flushing onut contaminants. Before bluing, use Gunk-OutTM to leave gun metal dry and clean. This product is a powerful solvent, DO NOT apply to rubber or plastic grips or parts.

  1. Spray Gunk-OutTM on mechanisms, trigger group and surfaces to remove firing residue, carbon, oil, grease and plastic contamination. Use the extension tube for hard to reach components. Avoid rubber and plastic components.
  2. For stubborn deposits, use KleenBoreTM No. 10 Solvent to scrub fouled areas, then flush with Gunk-OutTM.
  3. After cleaning, let air dry and apply a light coat of Break Free® CLP® to all metal surfaces.
5.84 ea. 

S10(2oz Squeeze)
S10S(2oz Pump)
No. 10 Gun Cleaning Solvent

Quickly dissolves lead powder residues and metal foulings. Prevents rust, too!

Tried and true, No. 10 is a fast, efficient solvent that quickly penetrates and lifts lead, powder residue, and metal fouling for quick, easy cleaning.

3.91 (2oz Squeeze)

3.91 (2oz Pump)

C10(2oz Squeeze)
No. 10 Copper Cutter

Cuts copper, lead, powder and plastic foulings fast!

Reformulated for even better removal of copper and other foulings. This premium, high-strength solvent rapidly turns blue as it aggressively cuts through copper. No blue, no copper! Also ideal for removing plastic fouling.

4.90 (2oz Squeeze)
NOTE: The above items are classified as ORM-D hazardous and must be shipped via surface.

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