Kleen-Bore Cleaning Aids

BL304 shown with gun
BL304 The Bore Inspector
The Bore Inspector - Bore Illumination Tool

Whether you are shopping for a used firearm or maintaing your firearm, the KleenBore fiber optic Bore Inspectorâ„¢ is the ideal tool for the detection of scratches, gouges, rust pits and obstructions within the barrel. 2 AAA batteries included.

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BL304AAAThe Bore Inspector  (EXTRA SPECIAL PRICING) 7.98

Brass & Aluminum Jags
Cleaning Patch Jags

Shooting experts prefer precision made jags. A metal jag, draped with a proper sized patch, completely covers the entire bore for efficient, through cleaning. For ease of use, Kleen-Bore's unique design incorporates a special barbed point at the tip of the jag. This barb secures the cleaning patch and prevents solvent soaked patches from falling off. These are simply the finest jags the Pistoleer has even seen!

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
Brass Rifle/Handgun Jags
JAG17.17/.204 SmallboreBrass Jag4.10
JAG226.177/.200 SmallboreAirgun Brass Jag/Pellet Pusher (note no barb)4.10
JAG227.22-.25/5.56mm-6.5mmBrass Jag4.10
JAG228.264-.32/7mm/8mmBrass Jag4.10
JAG229.38/.357/9mmBrass Jag4.10
JAG230.40/.41/.410/10mmBrass Jag4.10
JAG231.44/.45 CaliberBrass Jag4.10
Aluminum Shotgun Jags
JAG23320-16 GaugeAluminum Shotgun Jag5.98
JAG23412 GaugeAluminum Shotgun Jag5.98

Kleen-Bore JAGX2 Universal Jag/Patch Set
Universal Jag and Patch Dispenser

The X-2 Jag and the handy cotton patch dispenser - an unbeatable combination. One system to cover 22-45 calibers. Simply follow the scale on the back of the dispenser and cut the desired length of patch for the caliber to be cleaned. Wrap the patch around the barbs and clean away. If the European felt pad is a desired cleaning method, the X-2 also accepts all the various calibers.

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
JAGX2UniversalJag/Patch Set, Covers .22 - .45 Cal.19.98

Kleen-Bore Patch Holders
Patch Holders

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
ACC10Steel.22-.45 Caliber Handgun/Rifle Patch Holder3.86
ACC10SAFSaf-T-Clad Steel .22-.45 Caliber Handgun/Rifle Patch Holder4.99
ACC11Brass.22-.45 Caliber Handgun/Rifle Patch Holder4.28
ACC16NylonAll Gauge Shotgun Patch Holder3.78

Kleen-Bore Muzzle Guard
Muzzle Guards

The use of a simple muzzle guard can prevent damage to the barrel crown when cleaning from the muzzle end. This area, where the bullet exits the bore, is where nicks or wear can compromise accuracy. A muzzle guard keeps the cleaning rod centered when cleaning from the muzzle end and works equally as well when cleaning bolt action rifles from the breech.

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
ACC14Handgun/RifleBrass Muzzle Guard, for .203 Rods4.63
ACC18Shotgun/BlackpowderBrass Muzzle Guard, for Deluxe Rods7.99
ACC24Handgun/RiflePlastic Muzzle Guard, for .203 Rods2.72

Conversion Adapters
Kleen-Bore ACC13SAF Saf-T-Clad Steel/Handgun Accessory Adapter
Conversion Adapters and Rod Extensions

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
Shotgun Adapters - accepts all Kleen-Bore shotgun accessories
ACC17#5/16-27Aluminum Shotgun Accessory Adapter3.91
ACC23#5/16-27Brass Shotgun Accessory Adapter3.91
Blackpowder Adapters
ACC19#5/16-27Blackpowder (converts #10-32 rod end for #5/16-27 accessories)2.79
Euro Metric Adapters - permits Kleen-Bore rods to accept metric threaded accessories
ACC26M3,5Euro Metric Brass Adapter3.09
Parker Hale - permits use of Kleen-Bore accessories on Parker Hale rods
ACCPH12ShotgunParker Hale Conversion5.89
Steel Accessory Adapter - accepts all Kleen-Bore rifle and handgun accessories
ACC13#8-32 f./#8-36 m.Steel Handgun/Rifle Accessory Adapter5.78
ACC13SAF#8-32 f./#8-36 m.Saf-T-Clad Steel Handgun/Rifle Accessory Adapter6.54
ACC2710"Deluxe Stainless Steel Cleaning Rod Extension (.22-.45 Caliber)17.99
ACC282-3/4"Steel Extension (fits rods w/ identifying groove & PocKit rods - #8-32 male & female thread)2.79

Gun Cleaning Videos
Gun Cleaning Videos

Professional Gun Cleaning: Tricks, Tips & Techniques from the American Gunsmithing Institute. Not Pictured. This is an old style VHS tape, make sure you have a working VHS player before ordering.

Sorry, for obvious reasons video tapes are not returnable.

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
V21VHS"Professional Gun Cleaning" by A.G.I. (American Gunsmithing Institute) (77 min.) [LIMITED AVAILABLITY] (Originally $18.67)  (EXTRA SPECIAL PRICING) 4.98

V21 Sale: Limited to stock on hand, no further discounts apply.

SC225 ChamberMate Shotgun Cleaning Tool
ChamberMate Shotgun Cleaning Tool
Shotgun Cleaning Tools

The ChamberMate is great for cleaning powder fouling and plastic from chambers and choke area. The heavy-duty phosphor bronze brush with its tapered nose, is made to fit these difficult-to-clean areas. Have you ever tried to clean those little holes they call muzzle ports? This tool does it quickly, from the inside out. A rugged tool with a strong, rigid aluminum rod and sure-grip handle.

The Pistoleer highly recommends the ChamberMate and ClayMate tools for all serious shotgunners, or the occasional clay buster--you will wonder how you did without! .

SC205 ChamberMate Brush
ChamberMate Brush

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
ChamberMate Cleaning Tool - Cleans Chamber, Muzzle Ports, and Choke Tubes
SC22512 GaugeChamberMate Shotgun Cleaning Tool19.98
SC22620 GaugeChamberMate Shotgun Cleaning Tool19.98
ChamberMate Replacement Brush
SC20512 GaugeShotgun Chambermate Brush11.38

General Purpose Gun Brushes

UT221 Double Ended Nylon Bristle Gun Brush
UT221 Double Ended Nylon Bristle
UT222 Stainless Steel Gun Brush
UT222 Stainless Steel Brush
UT223 Phosphor Bronze Gun Brush
UT223 Phosphor Bronze Brush

UT221 Nylon Bristle Gun Brush: Really two brushes in one. This nylon fill brush was designed for cleaning all the intricate parts of an M-16. This 7-inch military spec. brush is great for cleaning any type of firearm, especially where a gentle touch is required. The multiple bristle end is perfect for scrubbing all areas of receivers, actions, slides, frames, etc. Use the single row bristles for hard-to-get-at areas. The nylon bristles are rugged and solvent resistant. Available in bulk as item UT221B.

UT222 Stainless Steel Gun Brush: Rugged stainless steel bristles make it easy to remove residue build-up and burn marks on revolver top straps, frames and cylinders. 7-inch.

UT223 Phosphor Bronze Gun Brush: A superb general purpose, gentle on-the-finish 7-inch brush for removing powder fouling and cleaning residuefrom handguns, rifles and shotguns.

BULK: The above brushes are available in bulk (no packaging), with substantial savings for a minimum order of at least 400 pieces, email for a quote.

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
UT221Nylon BristleGun Brush, Double Ended3.62
UT222Stainless SteelGun Brush3.76
UT223Phosphor BronzeGun Brush3.76
Pistoleer Special -- be prepared for any job -- and save a couple bucks to boot
UT_SETPistoleer ComboUT221 + UT222 + UT223 (save a buck with this set)  (EXTRA SPECIAL PRICING) 10.14

*No additional discount on items marked EXTRA SPECIAL PRICING, SPECIAL ORDER, or CLEARANCE

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