Kleen-Bore Cloths and Patches

Silicone Cloth
LeadAway® Cloth
Gun & Reel Cloths

Silicone Gun & Reel Cloth: Restore and protect the luster of your firearms with this top-quality silicone impregnated cotton flannel. This 100 in2 (645 cm2) cloth returns a brilliant sheen to your guns surface, while removing handling marks and providing a layer of rust protection. The Pistoleer recommends keeping one with each of your firearms--always handy when you show off your collection.

Lead Away® Gun Cloth: Lead Away® chemically treated cloths are ideal for removing tough lead and carbon build up. Excellent for removing burn rings on cylinders and on stainless steel. Caution: Excessive rubbing may remove bluing. 110 in2 (712.9 cm2)

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
GC220S100 square inchSilicone Gun & Reel Cloth3.98
GC220P100 square inchSilicone Gun & Reel Cloth [10 Pack]39.89
GC221110.5 square inchLead Away Gun Cloth9.38

Cotton Patches
Premium Quality 100% Cotton Flannel Patches

Premium quality 100% cotton flannel provides maximum absorbency and bore protection. These patches are precision cut to insure the proper fit and maximum cleaning performance when used in conjunction with Kleen-Bore cleaning jags. The Pistoleer likes to use the 4" patches as disposable gun cleaning wipes.

Now available in bulk!

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
P200100 each7/8" Square 100% Cotton Patches4.18
P201100 each1-1/4" 100% Cotton Patches (.22-.270 Caliber)4.47
CP16B500 each1-1/4" 100% Cotton Patches (.22-.270 Caliber)13.91
P20275 each1-3/4" 100% Cotton Patches (.28-.35 Caliber)4.58
CP17B500 each1-3/4" 100% Cotton Patches (.28-.35 Caliber)15.28
P20350 each2-1/4" 100% Cotton Patches (.38-.45 Caliber & 410-20 Gauge)4.47
CP13B250 each2-1/4" 100% Cotton Patches (.38-.45 Caliber & 410-20 Gauge)12.58
CP18B500 each2-1/4" 100% Cotton Patches (.38-.45 Caliber & 410-20 Gauge)18.28
P20425 each3" 100% Cotton Patches (12-16 Gauge)4.47
CP14B250 each3" 100% Cotton Patches (12-16 Gauge)16.81
CP19B500 each3" 100% Cotton Patches (12-16 Gauge)26.98
P20625 each4" 100% Cotton Patches (big bore shotgun or grenade/tear gas launchers)5.98

Click here for Butch's Triple Twill Patches--another great line we stock.

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