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Magazine and Magazine Well Cleaning Brushes

Mag Brushes
An important item for competitive shooters, law enforcement, military or wherever positive ammo feeding is critical. The patented MagBrush cleans and adresses a commonly overlooked area of maintenance on magazine-fed firearms. Removes gummy residue, dust, dirt, and unburned powder from inside the magazine and well for quicker, easier magazine release and increased reliability for cartridge feed.

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Magazine Cleaning Brushes
MAG200small.22-.380/9mm Straight Stacked Magazine Brush9.98
MAG202medium9mm/.45 Staggered Magazine Brush9.98
MAG204medium.38/.40/10mm/.45 Straight Stacked Magazine Brush9.98
MAG206largeAR-15/M-16/AK-47 Rifle Magazine Brush9.98
Magazine Cleaning Swab
MAG208medium9mm Staggered/.38/10mm/.40/.45 Magazine Swab9.98

Solvent Resistant General Purpose Gun Brush

UT221 Nylon Bristle Gun Brush: Really two brushes in one. This nylon fill brush was designed for cleaning all the intricate parts of an M-16. This 7-inch military spec. brush is great for cleaning any type of firearm, especially where a gentle touch is required. The multiple bristle end is perfect for scrubbing all areas of receivers, actions, slides, frames, etc. Use the single row bristles for hard-to-get-at areas. The nylon bristles are rugged and solvent resistant. Available in bulk as item UT221B.The Pistoleer finds these particularly handy when cleaning the components of a dissasembled magazine.

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
UT221Nylon BristleGun Brush, Double Ended3.62

Silicone Impregnated Cotton Flannel Cloth

Silicone Gun & Reel Cloth: Restore and protect the luster of your firearms with this top-quality silicone impregnated cotton flannel. This 100 in2 (645 cm2) cloth returns a brilliant sheen to your guns surface, while removing handling marks and providing a layer of rust protection. The Pistoleer recommends keeping one with each of your firearms--always handy when you show off your collection. The Pistoleer uses them to wipe down his mags after a day at the range.

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
GC220S100 square inchSilicone Gun & Reel Cloth3.98
GC220P100 square inchSilicone Gun & Reel Cloth [10 Pack]39.89

Protective Storage for all your Magazines

Bore-Stores Magazine Cases

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