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CAP12 Solid Aluminum Shotgun Snap Caps
Precision Machined Solid Aluminum Shotgun Snap Caps

A Snap Cap used in an empty chamber allows for the safe release of the firing pin or "dry-fire." Firing on an empty chamber can result in damage to the firing pin. They also serve to relieve pressure on the firing pin spring when the chamber is closed and the trigger is pulled. Precision machined from solid aluminum, they include a solid brass, spring loaded primer to safely absorb the force of the firing pin and prevent damage. As a safety feature, they have a color-coded anodized finish (red for 12 Ga. and yellow for 20 Ga.) and are stamped with the appropriate gauge.

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
CAP2020 GaugePrecision Machined Solid Aluminum Snap Caps (2 per package) [LAST PACKAGE]15.98

For solid metal snap-caps in hundreds of other sizes, click here.

CF22 Chamber Warning Flags

Chamber Warning Flags

Use as an added safety measure while transporting and storing semi-auto handguns. Place a flag in an empty chamber as a visual confirmation that the chamber is clear. Made of a highly visible and rugged nylon material. 2 per blister package.

Note that the correct size is based on the chamber diameter, not the bullet.

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
CF22.22 Caliber, .17 HMR Chamber Flags (2 per package)6.77
CF99mm, 10mm, .40, .45 Caliber Chamber Flags (2 per package)6.77

Firearm Storage and Protection

GS160 & GS161 GunnySocks
GunnySock: Slip your firearm into a GunnySock for quick, easy and inexpensive protection during storage or transportation. These thick, tightly woven socks provide a cushioning layer of fabric to surround your valuable firearm. For long term storage, combine with one of Kleen-Bore's rust preventative chemicals.

VCI GunnySocks: Tightly woven socks provide protective cushioning that surrounds the entire firearm. Now available with Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI). VCI vapor permeates every part of the gun inside and out to protect it from corrosion. Quick and easy protection for transport and storage. Available for rifles and handguns

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
GunnySocks - tightly woven socks for your firearms
GS161Long Gun"Gunnysock" Woven Gun Sock11.98
VCI GunnySocks with Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors
GSVCI161Long GunVCI Gunny Sock, Woven Gun Sock w/ Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors15.98


AR-15/M-16 ACCU-Wedge

Buffers AR-15/M-16 cycling system to reduce wear and provides a more solid feel by eliminating play in the receiver. Easy to install, requires no weapons modifications--simply drop Accu-Wedge in rear of lower reveiver, close upper receiver, squeeze and push pin in place.


Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
ACU1AR-15/M-16Accu-Wedge Receiver Buffer5.99

Blackpowder Ball Pusher

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
ACC21.45 Caliber & UpBlackpowder Ball Pusher (threaded for #10-32 rod ends)2.80

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