Kleen-Bore Shotgun Accessories

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Classic Shotgun Cleaning Kit
Gun cloth not included--order separately
Classic Shotgun Cleaning Kits

Often copied, but never equaled! The Classic Kits feature some of the best made cleaning components in the industry, neatly nestled into a custom organizer tray and then securely packaged in a rugged, reusable polypropylene storage and carrying case. All classic kits include rod set, a 2 oz. bottle of cleaner lubricant, a double-ended nylon-bristle utility gun brush, slotted patch holder, and complete cleaning instructions. Kits are gauge specific and include the appropriate phosphore bronze bore brush, cotton mop, and cotton patches. The Classic Shotgun Kits come with a 32" multisection rod precision machined to exacting tolerances out of top quality aluminum stock.

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
SHO21612 GaugeClassic Shotgun Cleaning Kit27.98
SHO216(10)10 GaugeClassic Shotgun Cleaning Kit27.98
SHO216(16)16 GaugeClassic Shotgun Cleaning Kit27.98
SHO21720 GaugeClassic Shotgun Cleaning Kit27.98
SHO217(28)28 GaugeClassic Shotgun Cleaning Kit27.98
SHO217(410)410 GaugeClassic Shotgun Cleaning Kit27.98

NOTE: SHO216(10) and SHO216(16) start as a SHO216 with the brush replaced by The Pistoleer.

NOTE: SHO217(28) and SHO217(410) start as a SHO217 with the brush (and mop for 410) replaced by The Pistoleer.

The Classic Universal Kits allow the user the ability to clean an array of firearms. They have a high grade steel 30" multisection rod and include adapters for cleaning handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Because of their universal nature, bore brushes are sold seperately. The rods in the Saf-T-Clad kit have an epoxy thermal setting resin coating for the ultimate in bore protection.

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
SAF300UniversalSaf-T-Clad Cleaning Kit - Handguns/Rifles/Shotguns33.70
UK213UniversalClassic Cleaning Kit (Handguns/Rifles/Shotguns)25.80

Specialty Cleaning Kits

Valu-Pak Cleaning Kits

Valu-Pak Cleaning Sets: Truly an economy cleaning package equipped with popular Kleen-Bore hardware. Steel rod sets are featured in these kits because of their strength and durability. Also included in the rifle and shotgun cleaning kits is a muzzle guard, patch holder, phosphor bronze brush, and a 100% cotton mop. These are not included in VP60 because of its universal nature. Cleaning sets are packaged in a convienient, reusable, see-through clamshell. Perfect size to keep in your range bag.

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
Police Shotgun Cleaning Kit
PS5612 GaugePolice Shotgun Cleaning Kit (Originally $67.80)  (EXTRA SPECIAL PRICING) 49.98
Valu-Pak Sets - w/Reusable Clamshell Package
VP1212 GaugeValu-Pak Shotgun Cleaning Set18.35
VP2020 GaugeValu-Pak Shotgun Cleaning Set18.35
VP60UniversalValu-Pak Cleaning Set, Handgun/Rifle/Shotgun18.35

Universal Field Pack Cleaning Kit - w/ Black Case
Field Pack Cleaning Kits

A favorite of hunters, law enforcement, and the military, these compact, easy-to-carry kits go where you go. Everything needed for complete cleaning is included in the rugged nylon pouch (available in black, camo, or tan color) with belt keeper, Velcro closures and compartments for rod and accessories. In the field or on the range, these kits are compact enough to carry on the hunt if needed to remove impacted mud, snow, or a squib load. Components include multisection steel rod, slotted patch holder, accessory adapters, nylon bristle gun brush, slotted patch holder, bottle of cleaner lubricant, and cotton cleaning patches.

The Universal Kit includes attachments for handguns, rifles, and shotguns, but does not include any bore brushes.

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
POU300BBlackUniversal Field Kit - Handguns/Rifles/Shotguns32.30
POU300CCamoUniversal Field Kit - Handguns/Rifles/Shotguns31.04
POU300DCADigital Tan CamoUniversal Field Kit - Handguns/Rifles/Shotguns30.77
POU300DCMDigital CamoUniversal Field Kit - Handguns/Rifles/Shotguns28.79

Precision Machined Solid Aluminum Shotgun Snap Caps

A Snap Cap used in an empty chamber allows for the safe release of the firing pin or "dry-fire." Firing on an empty chamber can result in damage to the firing pin. They also serve to relieve pressure on the firing pin spring when the chamber is closed and the trigger is pulled. Precision machined from solid aluminum, they include a solid brass, spring loaded primer to safely absorb the force of the firing pin and prevent damage. As a safety feature, they have a color-coded anodized finish (red for 12 Ga. and yellow for 20 Ga.) and are stamped with the appropriate gauge.

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
CAP2020 GaugePrecision Machined Solid Aluminum Snap Caps (2 per package) [LAST PACKAGE]15.98

For solid metal snap-caps in other gauges, click here.

Presentation Grade Snap Caps

NEW, Pachmayr 12 and 20 gauge deluxe solid brass, chrome plated snap caps for the discriminating shotgun owner. Each snap cap is custom made and polished to a high gloss finish and feature a solid dead cap for dry firing. These new snap caps are the ideal choice for the upland game or waterfowl hunter and are the perfect compliment to any fine shotgun (2 per package).

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
12190Presentation 20 Gauge Snap-Caps [LIMITED AVAILABILITY]25.33

Shotgun Cleaning Tools

CM270 ClayMate Shotgun Cleaning Tool
ClayMate Shotgun Cleaning Tool
The ClayMate is a compact two-section shotgun cleaning tool made of a soft, absorbent material. The synthetic fleece fibers pick up unburned powder and other fouling lifted by the screw-on phosphor bronze brush. Remove the brush and screw on the bore mop to apply a light coating of a favorite Kleen-Bore lubricant. Unlike similar tools, the ClayMate's brass fitting allows you to securely use the included bore brush and mop. The center fitting allows the rod to break down to a total length of 36" to two 19" sections for easy storage in a gun case or range bag. The ClayMate can be easily washed and reused for another day of busting clays.

SC225 ChamberMate Shotgun Cleaning Tool
ChamberMate Shotgun Cleaning Tool
The ChamberMate is great for cleaning powder fouling and plastic from chambers and choke area. The heavy-duty phosphor bronze brush with its tapered nose, is made to fit these difficult-to-clean areas. Have you ever tried to clean those little holes they call muzzle ports? This tool does it quickly, from the inside out. A rugged tool with a strong, rigid aluminum rod and sure-grip handle.

The Pistoleer highly recommends the ChamberMate and ClayMate tools for all serious shotgunners, or the occasional clay buster--you will wonder how you did without!

SC205 ChamberMate Brush
ChamberMate Brush

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
ChamberMate Cleaning Tool - Cleans Chamber, Muzzle Ports, and Choke Tubes
SC22512 GaugeChamberMate Shotgun Cleaning Tool16.98
SC22620 GaugeChamberMate Shotgun Cleaning Tool15.98
ChamberMate Replacement Brushes
SC20512 GaugeShotgun Chambermate Brush9.98
SC20620 GaugeShotgun Chambermate Brush8.98
ClayMate Synthetic Fleece Cleaning Tool - 36" total length
CM27012/16 GaugeClayMate Takedown Shotgun Cleaning Tool29.98

JAG234 Aluminum Jag
Aluminum Jag
Cleaning Patch Jags

Shooting experts prefer precision made jags. A metal jag, draped with a proper sized patch, completely covers the entire bore for efficient, through cleaning. For ease of use, Kleen-Bore's unique design incorporates a special barbed point at the tip of the jag. This barb secures the cleaning patch and prevents solvent soaked patches from falling off. These are simply the finest jags the Pistoleer has even seen!
MultiChoke Shotgun Cleaning Jags

Multi-Choke Nylon Jags offer an efficient way of cleaning a bore and choke. Because the petal design compresses when bore cleaning, the patch is continually putting equal pressure on the bore for a better cleaning job. This design allows the dirty patch to compress and pass thru a full choke and out the muzzle instead of back into the chamber. The barbed tip secures the patch while cleaning. The #5/16-27 thread will fit all Kleen-Bore shotgun rods.

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
Shotgun Cleaning Jags
JAG230.40/.41/.410/10mmBrass Jag3.23
JAG23320-16 GaugeAluminum Shotgun Jag4.63
JAG23412 GaugeAluminum Shotgun Jag4.63
Multi-Choke Shotgun Cleaning Jags
JAG20N20 GaugeNylon Multi-Choke Shotgun Jag15.98

Phosphor Bronze Bore Brushes
Phosphor Bronze Bore Brushes

Precision made for safe, effective removal of metal fouling and powder residues. Features straight (rather than crimped) wire bristles for more effective cleaning power. Packaged in solvent-resistant reusable tube or clamshell (except for bulk packed items), ideal for storing after use, help keep sizes organized for quick reference, and protected from being crushed.

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
A183410 GaugeShotgun Phosphor Bronze Bore Brush2.24
A183B410 GaugeShotgun Phosphor Bronze Bore Brush -- BULK  [SPECIAL ORDER--500 MINIMUM] 1.79
A16128 GaugeShotgun Phosphor Bronze Bore Brush3.49
A161B28 GaugeShotgun Phosphor Bronze Bore Brush -- BULK  [SPECIAL ORDER--500 MINIMUM] 2.79
A18420 GaugeShotgun Phosphor Bronze Bore Brush2.24
A184B20 GaugeShotgun Phosphor Bronze Bore Brush -- BULK1.99
A18516 GaugeShotgun Phosphor Bronze Bore Brush3.89
A185B16 GaugeShotgun Phosphor Bronze Bore Brush -- BULK1.99
A18612 GaugeShotgun Phosphor Bronze Bore Brush2.24
A186B12 GaugeShotgun Phosphor Bronze Bore Brush -- BULK  [SPECIAL ORDER--500 MINIMUM] 1.79
A18710 GaugeShotgun Phosphor Bronze Bore Brush4.89
A187B10 GaugeShotgun Phosphor Bronze Bore Brush -- BULK3.99

Black Nylon Bore Brushes
Black Nylon Bore Brushes

Rugged, stiff, black nylon bore brushes recommended by many major firearms manufacturers for bore cleaning. Compare their dense array of heavy-duty, thick bristles and see why they are so effective for even the toughest cleaning jobs! Packaged in solvent-resistant reusable tube or clamshell (except for bulk packed items), ideal for storing after use, help keep sizes organized for quick reference, and protected from being crushed.

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
A184N20 GaugeShotgun Nylon Bore Brush3.19
A184NB20 GaugeShotgun Nylon Bore Brush -- BULK2.87
A186N12 GaugeShotgun Nylon Bore Brush2.04
A186NB12 GaugeShotgun Nylon Bore Brush -- BULK  [SPECIAL ORDER--500 MINIMUM] 1.64

Stainless Steel Bore Brushes
Stainless Steel Bore Brushes

Recommended for excessive leading, wad fouling and rust removal. As with all stainless steel brushes, use extreme care to avoid bore damage. Packaged in solvent-resistant reusable tube or clamshell (except for bulk packed items), ideal for storing after use, help keep sizes organized for quick reference, and protected from being crushed.

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
SS218B12 GaugeShotgun Stainless Steel Bore Brush -- BULK  [SPECIAL ORDER--500 MINIMUM] 2.55
SS21920 GaugeShotgun Stainless Steel Bore Brush4.33
SS219B20 GaugeShotgun Stainless Steel Bore Brush -- BULK  [SPECIAL ORDER--500 MINIMUM] 3.46

Twister Coiled Brushes
Twister Coiled Brass Bore Brushes

Unique spiral design of brass coil wire removes fouling safely and effectively. They are very effective for removing stuborn plastic, powder, and metal fouling from gun bores. Packaged in solvent-resistant reusable tube or clamshell (except for bulk packed items), ideal for storing after use, help keep sizes organized for quick reference, and protected from being crushed.

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
T32216 GaugeTwister Coil Bore Brush - Brass2.89
T32120 GaugeTwister Coil Bore Brush - Brass2.89
T317.410Twister Coil Bore Brush - Brass2.89

Cotton Bore Mops
100% Cotton Bore Mops

The natural absorbency of 100% cotton makes Kleen-Bore mops the best for safe cleaning & lubrication. Packaged in solvent-resistant reusable tube or clamshell (except for bulk packed items), ideal for storing after use, help keep sizes organized for quick reference, and protected from being crushed.

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
MOP40.40 Cal./10mm/.410 Ga.Handgun/Rifle/Shotgun Cotton Bore Mop2.24
MOP40B.40 Cal./10mm/.410 Ga.Handgun/Rifle/Shotgun Cotton Bore Mop -- BULK  [SPECIAL ORDER--500 MINIMUM] 1.78
MOP224B.44-.50 Cal.Shotgun/Blackpowder Cotton Bore Mop -- BULK1.98
MOP22520/28ga./.54-.58 Cal.Shotgun/Blackpowder Cotton Bore Mop3.24
MOP225B20/28ga./.54-.58 Cal.Shotgun/Blackpowder Cotton Bore Mop -- BULK2.91
MOP22616/12/10ga/.69-.75 CalShotgun/Blackpowder Cotton Bore Mop3.24
MOP226B16/12/10ga/.69-.75 CalShotgun/Blackpowder Cotton Bore Mop -- BULK2.91

Triple Sweep Bore Cleaners
Triple Sweep Bore Cleaners

A truly convient way to aquire three needed cleaning components for many caliber and gauge guns. Each Triple Sweep package contains the appropriate size phosphor bronze bore brush, cotton bore mop, and 100% cotton patches. An economical way to expand your cleaning accessories, as your gun collection grows. Also, an excellent complement to the Universal Cleaning Kit. Limited availability-order before we run out!

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
TP242410 GaugeTriple Sweep Bore Cleaner4.27
TP24320 GaugeTriple Sweep Bore Cleaner4.27

Protective Storage for all your Shotguns and Shotgun Barrels

Bore-Stores Shotgun Cases

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