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INSTRUCTION_MANUAL Rifle Case Length Headspace Gauges
Lyman Headspace Gauges Protect yourself and your firearms

To achieve the highest degree of safety and accuracy, Lyman recommends that all bottleneck rifle cases be inspected after resizing to ensure that the proper headspace dimension is maintained. The best way to check this critical dimension is with a Lyman case length/headspace gauge. The reloader simply inserts the case into the gauge to insure that it does not exceed the maximum or fall below the minimum allowable headspace. In addition, the gauge will identify a case which exceeds the maximum allowable case length. Caution: Any case found with excessive headspace should be destroyed immediately.

Base Price: $30.56 ea.

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INSTRUCTION_MANUAL Pistol Maximum Cartridge Gauges
Lyman Max Cartridge Gauges Ensure proper case dimensions for safety & reliability

Lyman maximum cartridge gauges check all critical dimensions of pistol ammunition to insure proper functioning. These precision made gauges allow the reloader to check the case length, diameter and overall cartridge length of pistol ammunition. This inspection is considered mandatory by top competitive shooters who demand 100% reliability for their competition ammo.

Base Price: $23.85 ea.

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E-Zee™ Case Gauge II
Lyman E-Zee Case Gauge II Sort cases quickly and easily These precisely machined metal “No-Go” gauge are cut to SAAMI maximum allowable case length. If a case fails to pass through the gauge, it needs to be trimmed.

Rifle & Pistol: This improved version measures the case length of over 70 popular rifle and pistol cases. Many new cartridges are included like the Winchester Short Mags, 204 Ruger, 500 S&W and others.

Pistol & Revolver: Lyman's popular E-Zee Case Gauge in a smaller, more convenient size yet covering most pistol and revolver cases.

Modern Sporting Rifles: 223/5.56, 224 Valkyrie, 6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.8 SPC, 300 Blackout, 308 Win/7.62, 7.62x39, 9mm, 450 Bushmas- ter, 458SOCOM, 50 Beowulf plus 2.260” max. cartridge OAL.

Cowboy Action: 32 H&R Mag, 32-20, 38 Long Colt, 38 Special, 38-40/44-40, 44 Russian, 44 Colt/45 Schofield, 44 Spec, 45 Colt. Black.

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Multiple Caliber Ammo Checkers
Lyman Ammo Checkers Lyman MSR Ammo Checker Lyman's Ammo Checkers check the quality and consistency of both reloaded rounds and purchased ammo. a must for any auto shooter for easy and consistent feed. You can't afford misfeeds, so get the easiest "no-go" gauge available today!

These Ammo Checkers are gauges that allow a reloader to quickly confirm that their ammunition will fit in their chamber. Machined from solid blocks of 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum and cut with custom tooling to SAAMI minimum chamber dimensions. Ammo Checkers are available in three designs covering most common handgun and rifle calibers. One gauge will work with a variety of calibers. Just drop your loaded rounds in the ammo checker, and if the round fits into the gauge, it will fit in the gun's chamber. Each caliber is clearly engraved on the gauge. Bright orange anodizing makes them easy to find on your reloading bench.

Handgun Gauge:     380 Auto, 9mm Luger, 38 Super, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, 38/357, 44 Mag/Spl, 45 Colt

Small Rifle Gauge: 204 Ruger, 22 Hornet, 223 Rem, 22-250, 300 AAC Blackout, 7.62 x 39

Large Rifle Gauge: 243 Win, 270 Win, 30-30 Win, 308 Win, 30-06, 300 WSM

MSR Gauges: 223/5.56, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 Rem. SPC, 7.62x39, 300AAC Blackout, 450 Bushmaster, 458 SOCOM and 50 Beowulf (anodized black)

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Single Caliber Ammo Checkers
Lyman Single Caliber Ammo Checkers Lyman Single Caliber Ammo Checkers Lyman's multi-caliber Ammo Checkers have proven to be extremely popular with reloaders since their introduction last year. Ammo Checkers are gauges that verify the quality and consistency of both reloaded and factory ammo. They are machined from solid aluminum and cut with custom tooling to SAAMI minimum chamber tolerances. Just drop your cartridge into the gauge and if it fits, it will chamber in your gun.

This year, Lyman is expanding their line of Ammo Checkers into other calibers that are not included in the multi-caliber blocks. Each gauge is clearly marked for caliber and is anodized in a bright orange color so that they will be easy to spot on your reloading bench.

Base Price: $21.56 ea.

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Calipers & Micrometers

Lyman Stainless Steel Dial Caliper 7832212 7832212 Stainless Steel Dial Caliper

Accurate measurement at an affordable price

This precision tool will deliver unfailing .001" accuracy long after the best reloading dies have worn out. Comes with storage case.

52.50  47.25 ea. 
Lyman Electronic Stainless Steel Caliper 7832218 7832218 Electronic Stainless Steel Caliper

Stainless Steel Caliper with an easy to read digital display

Digital caliper features high tech stainless design with direct digital readout. Switch back and forth from inches to millimeters with the touch of a button. All new hold setting plus on/off switch. Accurate to .001"/0.1mm. Comes with handy storage case.

49.95  44.96 ea. 
Lyman Reloaders Micrometer 7832230 7832230 Reloaders 1" Micrometer

A precision micrometer at an affordable price

Traditional vernier micrometer offers precision at a very affordable price. Reads to .0001" on a Vernier scale. With spindle lock and friction thimble. Padded storage box included.

29.95  26.95 ea. 

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