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Lyman Essential Case Prep Kit 7810211 Lyman Essential Case Prep Kit 7810211 7810211 Essential Case Prep Kit

Provides all the essential accessories for precision reloading

Lyman® has been manufacturing quality, well-respected reloading equipment since before WWII. The Lyman Ultimate Case Prep Tool Kit provides all the essential case prep accessories needed for precision reloading in one compact organized case. The kit allows reloaders to deburr the outside edge of cartridge case mouths and chamfer the inside edge when the cases are new or after they have been trimmed. Deburring is an important step in precision reloading as slight imperfections on the outside of the case neck can affect bullet crimping and ultimately accuracy. Uniforming primer pockets minimizes variations in the seating depth of primers that effect how the firing pin strikes the primer producing inconsistent ignition. Chamfering case mouths facilitates seating the bullet. The Lyman Ultimate Case Prep Tool Kit also incudes a Magnum Inertia Bullet Puller that safety disassembles loaded ammunition without damaging the bullet or case. An E-Zee Case Gauge quickly sorts cartridges for overall length. Nylon case neck brushes dry and case neck lube facilitate procedures.

Set Contains:

  • E-zee case gauge
  • Magnum inertia bullet puller with 2 collets
  • Extra large deburr tool
  • Outside chamfer tool
  • Flash hole uniformer
  • Chamfer tool
  • Small & Large Primer Pocket Reamers
  • Small & Large Primer Pocket Cleaners
  • Small & Large Primer Pocket Uniformers
  • Nylon case neck brushes
  • Dry case neck lube

139.98  125.98 ea. 
Lyman Universal Case Prep Accessory Tool Set 7810212 7810212 Universal Case Prep Accessory Tool Set

All your case prep tools in one place

This new accessory features all the items necessary for quality case preparation in one deluxe set. , outside deburring tool, inside (VLD) chamfer tool. All individual items have their own molded handle with rubber insert for sure grip. Includes custom zippered case for storage or easy transport to the range. (Save 40% over individual purchases).

Set Contains:

  • Small & Large Primer Pocket Reamers
  • Small & Large Primer Pocket Cleaners
  • Small & Large Primer Pocket Uniformers
  • Outside Chamfer Deburring Tool
  • Inside (VLD) Chamfer/Reamer

86.95  78.26 ea. 
Lyman Stuck Case Remover Kit 7680350

Lyman Stuck Case Remover Kit

The Lyman Stuck Case Remover Kit will safely and easily remove stuck cases from sizing dies. Unlike other kits, all the tools that are needed are included. The kit includes a unique dual purpose threaded cap that screws over the end of the die. This cap acts as both a drill guide and a guide for the pulling screw. An extra-long hex wrench is included which provides plenty of leverage when removing stuck cases and also doubles as a handle for the tap wrench.

  • Kit includes threaded cap, tap drill, ¼-20 tap, hex screw, long hex wrench, and tap wrench.
  • Everything needed is included in the kit
  • Unique dual purpose threaded cap
  • Long hex wrench provides plenty of leverage and doubles as a tap wrench handle
  • Packed in an reusable clam shell with full instructions

29.95  26.95 ea. 
Lyman Deburring Tool 7810199
7810206 (XL)
Deburring Tool -- from 17 to 45 caliber: Bevels and removes burrs from both inside and outside of case mouth. Precision machined and hardened.

Extra Large Deburring Tool -- from 17 to 60 caliber: Ideal for black powder cartridge shooters. A must for 50 BMG reloading. The 30 degree angle cutter bevels inside the mouth of the case allowing the bullets to slide in without deforming.

26.95  24.25 ea. (17-45)

37.50  33.75 ea. (17-60) 
Lyman Case Prep Multi-Tool 7777800
7777800 (17-45 cal)
7777811 (50 BMG)
Case Prep Multi-Tool -- One compact, double-ended storage tool (.17-.45 cal and .50 BMG versions)

Lyman's Unique New Case Prep Multi-Tool provides the reloader with all the essential Case Prep Accessories in one compact, double-ended storage tool. Unique handle unthreads in the middle to store all parts. Both ends of the handle are threaded to allow two heads to be mounted simultaneously. Includes:

  • Outside Deburring Tool
  • VLD Inside Deburring Tool
  • Large & Small Primer Pocket Cleaners & Reamers
  • New 50 BMG version is in black and has
    one each of all attachments (4 total)
    designed specifically for 50 BMG

36.50  32.85 ea. (17-45)

78.95  71.06 ea. (50 BMG) 
Lyman Outside Chamfer Tool 7810222 7810222 Outside Chamfer Tool

Removes excess brass from trimmed cases

Lyman's Outside Chamfer Tool easily deburrs the outside case mouth to leave a smooth even finish. Works on cartridges from 17 cal to 45 cal. Compliments the VLD (Very Low Drag) Inside Chamfer Tool.

16.95  15.25 ea. 
Lyman VLD (Very Low Drag) Chamfer/Reamer 7777789 7777789 VLD (Very Low Drag) Chamfer/Reamer

Improved bullet seating

Lyman's VLD Chamfer/ Reamer eliminates damage to bullets caused by the sharp edges of the cartridge case neck. The long boat tail on VLD bullets are cut by the case mouth when chamfered with a standard 45 degree reamer. The sharp 22 degrees on the VLD reamer allows all bullets to slip easily into the case ensuring the best accuracy. Recommended for Sierra VLD and Other Mfg's VLD Bullets.

17.50  15.75 ea. 
Lyman Carbide VLD (Very Low Drag) Chamfer/Reamer 7777792 7777792 Carbide VLD (Very Low Drag) Chamfer/Reamer - Works great for any long boat tail bullet design

For many years, the Lyman VLD Chamfer/ Reamer has been extremely popular with reloaders due to its gentle 22 degree cutting angle. It cuts much easier than standard 45 degree angle reamers and works great for any long boat tail (very low drag) bullet designs. Now this popular tool is available in long lasting, super sharp carbide. The precision ground carbide tool will last a lifetime without showing any signs of wear, perfect for the high volume reloader.

  • 22 degree cutting angle perfectly matches long boat tail bullets
  • Removes burrs from inside of case mouths and cuts a clean, smooth chamfer
  • Available with a handle for hand held use or separately for use in power case prep machines
  • Made of precision ground, super hard carbide

43.95  39.56 ea.
Lyman Primer Pocket Reamer 7777784 and 7777785
7777784 (Sm)
7777785 (Lg)
Primer Pocket Reamer

Essential for reloading military cases

Removes military crimps and rough metal edges from a primer pocket. Essential accessory tool. Comes with molded handle. Available in large or small sizes.

13.50  12.15 ea. (Sm) 

13.50  12.15 ea. (Lg)
Lyman Primer Pocket Cleaner 7777790 and 7777791
7777790 (Lg)
7777791 (Sm)
Primer Pocket Cleaner

Clean primer pockets promote uniform primer seating

Cleans fouling from primer pocket bottoms. Molded handle included. Available in large or small sizes.

13.50  12.15 ea. (Lg)

13.50  12.15 ea. (Sm) 
Lyman Primer Pocket Uniformer 7810215
7810215 (Large Rifle)
7810218 (Small Rifle)
7810219 (Large Pistol)
Primer Pocket Uniformer

Assures uniform primer depth for best accuracy

This precision tool is designed to cut primer pockets to a uniform depth that can produce more consistent ignition and lead to greater accuracy. The Primer Pocket Uniformer cuts to a uniform
depth and at the same time squares the seating surface for the anvil of the primer. Uniforming
tool has a pre-set stop collar set to SAAMI specs. Reloader simply inserts and turns.

28.50  25.65 (Large Rifle)

28.50  25.65 (Small Rifle)       

28.50  25.65 (Large Pistol)
Lyman Flash Hole Cleaner 7777750 7777750 Flash Hole Cleaner

Clears flash holes following cleaning. Designed to remove bits of media from flash holes and primer pockets.

9.95  8.96 ea. 
Lyman Flash Hole Uniformer 7777760 7777760 Flash Hole Uniformer

Remove flash hole burrs for best accuracy

This handy tool removes internal flash hole burrs. Features a tool steel cutter which is inserted into the flash hole through the case neck. Adjustable stop collar allows use with any size case. Burrs are removed with a clockwise turn. Fits .22 to .45 Calibers.

20.50  18.45 ea. 
Lyman Case Lube Kit 7631300
7631300 (Kit)
7631301 (Lube)
7631302 (Pad)
Case Lube Kit

Everything needed to clean & lube cases

Everything the reloader needs to clean and lube cases, inside and out, in one package. Large cloth lubricating pad in plastic case dispenses lube evenly. Includes 2 oz. of Lyman Case Lube, 3 interchangeable neck brushes and wooden handle. Extra Lube and replacement Pads available.

27.50  24.75 (Kit)

7.95  7.16 (Lube)

11.50  10.35 (Pad)
Lyman Case Care Kit 7777793 7777793 Lyman Case Care Kit

This Utility Crank makes case work faster & easier

This handy kit combines many of Lyman's most popular case prep items. The utility crank with adapter is a real time saver for small hand prep jobs. It accepts most Lyman accessories and any tool with an 8-32 thread. In addition, the Case Care Kit includes both Large and Small Primer Pocket Reamers, Cleaners and Uniformers, as well as Inside and Outside Deburring Tools. Trimmer.

61.95  55.76 ea. 

Power Case Prep Tools

Lyman Case Prep Xpress 7810220 7810220 Case Prep Xpress -- All accessories available simultaneously

The Case Prep Xpress is the only "All-Inclusive" System offering all the most popular case prep accessories driven by a high torque gear motor. The dump pan provides easy clean up of brass shavings. The best part is that all accessories are included from the start, no need to have to separately purchase expensive additional accessories. Includes:

  • Inside Deburr (VLD) Tool
  • Outside Deburr Tool
  • Flash Hole Uniformer
  • Primer Pocket Uniformer (Large & Small)
  • Primer Pocket Reamer (Large & Small)
  • Primer Pocket Cleaner (Large & Small)
  • Case Neck Brushes (25, 30, 38 & 45 Cal)
  • Case Neck Lube (Mica)
  • Removable Brass Shavings Dump Pan
  • Clean-up Brush

244.95  220.45 ea. 

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