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Lyman Brass Smith Case Trim Xpress
Lyman Case Trim Xpress 7862015 Lyman Case Trim Xpress 7862015 Lyman Case Trim Xpress 7862015 Lyman Case Trim Xpress 7862015
Lyman’s Case Trim Xpress gives rifle reloaders the speed and accuracy that they have been looking for when trimming cases! The unit has its own power source, and a strong variable speed motor, so there is no need to use power drills or purchase separate motors. By using bushings that contact on the shoulder of bottle neck type cases, the Case Trim Xpress will quickly and cleanly trim your brass by simply pushing the case against the long lasting carbide cutter. The trimmer comes with a set of 10 bushings (click here for chart) designed to fit most popular bottleneck rifle cases. The bushings support and center the case with the cutter. No pilots are needed! The bushings are spring loaded to provide a smooth, effortless cut; and allow the user to trim approximately 15 cases per minute. In addition, the Case Trim Xpress is equipped with an adjustment wheel, which allows case lengths to easily be “dialed in” to .001” increments. Plus the Case Trim Xpress is made with a compact, low profile housing that doesn’t eat up all of your bench space.

  • Fast and accurate trims – approximately 15 cases per minute
  • Variable speed motor and ultra-sharp, long lasting carbide cutter
  • Utilizes case shoulders to center & trim(Not for use on straight wall cases)
  • Comes with 10 bushings fitting most popular bottleneck rifle cartridges
  • Smooth spring-loaded operation gives clean, chatter-free trims
  • Compact, low profile design uses minimal bench space
  • No pilots needed

189.95  170.95 ea. 
Replacement Carbide Cutter Head
41.91  37.72 ea. 
Case Trim Xpress Bushings

Bushing Size:

Lyman Universal Trimmer 7862000
7862000 Steel
7862009 Carbide
Lyman Universal® Case Trimmers
w/Steel Cutter Head:
134.95  121.46 ea. 

w/Carbide Cutter Head:
174.95  157.45 ea. 
Trim virtually all cases from .17 to .458 without additional collets

Lyman's Universal Trimmer features the patented Universal Chuckhead. No costly collets required! Features coarse and fine adjustments. Adjusting ring lets you "dial in to an approximate setting for quick repeatability". Includes 9 of the most popular pilots. Additional pilots add even greater range of calibers. Optional power adapter lets you upgrade to power in seconds.

Carbide Trimmer Carbide is a much better cutter than Steel,
well worth the difference in cost.
Same as the above with a premium Carbide Cutter Head with a fine grain and ultra-sharp cutting edge. The new Carbide Head will hold its edge longer, making this Trimmer ideal for volume reloaders.

Lyman Universal Trimmer Power Adapter 7862001 7862001 Lyman Universal® Trimmer Power Adapter

39.95  35.96 ea. 
The power to trim over 250 cases an hour

Economical power trimming for reloaders who already own Lyman's original Universal Trimmer. Quickly convert to power trimming. Replace the existing trimmer shaft with the power adapter shaft and attach your drill. You're ready to power trim over 250 cases an hour. The adapter shaft comes with its own cutter and stop collars so you can convert back and forth from power to hand operation. The power adapter only fits the Lyman Universal Trimmer (not included).

Lyman AccuTrimmer 7862210
7862210 (.17-.458)
7862130 (.50 BMG)
Lyman AccuTrimmer®
For .17-.458 cases:
89.95  80.95 ea. 

For .50 BMG cases:
99.95  89.95 ea. 
For .17-.458 cases -- Economy, quality and Lyman innovation at an affordable price. Don't sacrifice quality and Lyman innovation to get an affordable price. Trims cases .17 through .458 Win. Mag. Uses standard shellholders to position cartridge and standard Lyman cutter heads and pilots. Available with our popular nine Pilot Multi-Pack. Purchase with shellholder set (not included) and reloader has universal "trimability".

For .50 BMG cases -- The reasonably priced 50 BMG case trimmer. 50 BMG enthusiasts asked for a reasonably priced 50 BMG case trimmer and Lyman responded with an Accutrimmer designed specifically for that cartridge. There is no need to buy anything else! The shell head fits into a special holder which centers the case perfectly with the cutting shaft.
- A special 50 BMG pilot is included for perfect alignment and easy trimming.

Lyman Universal® and AccuTrimmer® Accessories
Lyman Replacement Cutter Head 2 Pack 7822203 7822203 Replacement Cutter Head 2 Pack Steel 49.95  44.96 ea. 
Lyman Carbide Cutter Head 7822204 7822204 Carbide Cutter Head An optional carbide cutter fits all Lyman trimmers. Ideal for volume loader. 65.95  59.36 ea. 
Lyman Nine Pilot Multi-Pack 7822202 7822202 Nine Pilot Multi-Pack Includes nine of the most popular pilots: 22, 24, 27, 28/7mm, 30, 9mm, 35 (38/357), 44 and 45A. 27.50  24.75 ea. 
Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceSaleShopping Cart
Trimmer PilotTrimmer PilotUniversal/AccuTrimmer Extra Pilots
(Click here for Selection Chart)
782198517 calTrimmer Pilot 176.956.25
7821981204 calTrimmer Pilot 206.956.25
782198722 calTrimmer Pilot 226.956.25
78219886mmTrimmer Pilot 246.956.25
782198625 calTrimmer Pilot 256.956.25
78220136.5mm/264Trimmer Pilot 266.956.25
7821989270 WinTrimmer Pilot 276.956.25
78219997mm/284Trimmer Pilot 286.956.25
78219907.35 ItalTrimmer Pilot 298.958.05
782199130 calTrimmer Pilot 306.956.25
7821992303,7.65,32-20Trimmer Pilot 316.956.25
782199432 calTrimmer Pilot 326.956.25
78219958x57Trimmer Pilot 8mm6.956.25
782199633 calTrimmer Pilot 336.956.25
7821997LugerTrimmer Pilot 9mm6.956.25
7822000351 WinTrimmer Pilot 35A7.957.16
782200135 R/38 SpecTrimmer Pilot 356.956.25
78220099mm Mak, 9.3Trimmer Pilot 366.956.25
7822002375 H&HTrimmer Pilot 376.956.25
782200340S&W/10mmTrimmer Pilot 396.956.25
7822014416 Rigby/RemTrimmer Pilot 4166.956.25
782201240-60 WCFTrimmer Pilot 408.958.05
782200441 MagTrimmer Pilot 416.956.25
782200544-40Trimmer Pilot 44A6.956.25
782200644 Spl/MagTrimmer Pilot 446.956.25
782200745 ACP/ColtTrimmer Pilot 45A6.956.25
782200845/70,458 WinTrimmer Pilot 456.956.25
782198350 Act. Exp.Trimmer Pilot 50A6.956.25
782198250 BMGTrimmer Pilot 50 BMG6.956.25

Lyman E-Zee Trim Rifle Set 7821891 (Rifle Set) Lyman E-ZEE TRIM Case Trimmer

Rifle Set
42.95  38.66 ea. 

Lyman E-Zee Trim Handgun Set 7821892 (Pistol Set)

Pistol Set
42.95  38.66 ea. 

Lyman E-Zee Trim w/o Pilots 7821890 (w/o Pilots)

Set w/o Pilots
32.50  29.25 ea. 

Lyman E-ZEE TRIM Hand Case Trimmer

Precision case trimming by hand or with power attachment

The industry leader in trimming and case prep innovation, Lyman introduces a new case trimming system for the reloader interested in economy or preferring to have an individual precision hand system for each caliber. The E-ZEE TRIM case trimming system allows the user to trim cases by hand or with a power attachment (included) to precise pre-set length - no adjustment of measuring needed. The trimmer comes with a case locking device, cutter, trim-to-length pilot, cutter head and both hand and power trimming adapters. The trimmer works with any standard shellholder including Lyman, Redding, RCBS, Hornady & Lee Precision. Assembles in seconds and you are ready to trim cases. The E-ZEE TRIM system comes in three practical variations.
  • Rifle Set (top image) includes pilots for .223, .243, .270 Win, .30-06 & .308 Win
  • Handgun Set (middle image) includes pilots for 9mm Luger, .38 Special, .357 Mag, .40 S&W, .44 Mag, & .45 ACP
  • Also available without pilots (bottom image) -- Pilots can be purchased separately below

Lyman E-Zee Trim Rubber Handle E-ZEE Trim Rubber Handle. Slips easily over the adapter handle of the E-Zee Trim Hand Case Trimmer to provide a cushioned, comfortable grip. Reduce hand blisters or swelling during hand trimming with this!
7.95  7.16 (Rubber Handle)

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceSaleShopping Cart
E-ZEE Trim Additional Rifle Pilots
7821900.204 Ruger"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
7821937.22 Nosler"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
7821902.22-250"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
7821901.223"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
7821940.224 Valkyrie"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
7821903.243"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
7821911.25-06"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
78219366mm Creedmoor"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
78219226.5 Creedmore"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
78219396.5 Grendel"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
78219126.5x55"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
7821904.270 Win"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
78219057mm Rem"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
78219217mm-08"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
78219137x57"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
78219167.62x39"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
782192030 Carbine"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
7821908.30-06"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
7821906.30-30"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
7821917.303 British"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
7821909.300 Win Mag"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
7821914.300 AAC Black-Out"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
7821915.300 WSM"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
7821935.338 Lapua"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
7821919.338 Win Mag"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
78219188x57"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
7821907.308 Win"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
782191045-70"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
7821938.458 SOCOM"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
E-ZEE Trim Aditional Pistol Pilots
78219289mm Luger"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
7821925.38 Special"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
7821926.357 Mag"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
7821933.357 Sig"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
7821931.380 Auto"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
782193410mm Auto"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
782192940 S&W"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
7821932.45 Colt"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
7821927.44 Mag"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16
7821930.45 ACP"E-ZEE Trim" Pilot7.957.16

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