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Lyman Precision Pistol Die Sets

Lyman Precision Pistol Die Sets

Premium quality pistol die sets at a non-premium price

Whether for bullseye, action or cowboy shooting, pistol reloaders most often are looking to generate volumes of reloads which deliver consistent quality. That's why Lyman Pistol Dies are such a good choice and they fit virtually any modern reloading press, including the popular progressives. Most importantly, when it comes to precision, smoothness and versatility, Lyman Pistol Dies are unsurpassed. Whether 3 die or premium 4 die sets, these dies deliver round after round of the high performance ammo serious shooters demand.

Handgun Carbide 3 Die Set

Lyman was the originator of the Tungsten Carbide (T-C) sizing die and "Multi" concept with the addition of available extra seating screws for pistol die sets. Combined with another Lyman original - the two step neck expanding die, our Multi-Deluxe Die Sets offer these features: a one piece hardened steel decapping rod and seating screw, and all steel construction.

Handgun Carbide 4 Die Set

4-Die Sets include a sizing die and seating die, plus feature a separate taper crimp die and either a neck expanding "M" die or a powder charge/expanding die. The seat die can also roll crimp.

Lyman Precision Rifle Die Sets

Premium quality rifle die sets at a non-premium price

Lyman Precision Die Sets are crafted on state of the art computer controlled equipment insuring that each die is perfectly dimensioned. Each rifle sizing die is vented, polished, heat treated for toughness and then receives a final micro-finish polish for extra smoothness. Lyman 2 die rifle sets are perfect for loading jacketed bullets in bottleneck cases. Lyman 3 die sets are available for straight wall cases loading either cast or jacketed bullets.

Rifle 2 Die Set

Set consists of a full length resizing die with decapping stem and neck expanding button and a bullet seating die. These die sets are the reloader's best choice for loading jacketed bullets in bottlenecked rifle cases. For those who load cast bullets, we suggest the addition of a neck expanding die, available separately.

Rifle 3 Die Set

Straight wall rifle cases require these three die sets consisting of a full length resizing die with decapping stem, a two step neck expanding (M) die and a bullet seating die. These sets are ideal for loading cast bullets due to the inclusion of the neck expanding die.

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Lyman Pistol Dies
Lyman Rifle Dies
Lyman Multi-Expand Charge Die System 7767901 7767901

Multi-Expand Charge Die System

Designed to save the pistol reloader time. The hollow expanders allow you to expand the case and drop powder at the same time with your powder measure mounted on top. Fits all standard powder measures. Includes expander body, hollow expanders for .32, 9mm, 38/.357, l0mm/40 S&W, .41, .44 and .45 plus a non-expanding universal powder drop tube.

48.50 ea. 
Lyman Universal Decapping Die 7631290 7631290

Universal Decapping Die

The ideal die for decapping primers prior to case cleaning. It has a unique one piece hardened steel decapping rod. Perfect for military crimped in primers. Works on all calibers .22 thru .45 except .378 and 460 Weatherby.
25.95 ea. 
Lyman Ram Prime Die System 7728040 7728040

Ram Prime Die System

Designed for sensitive one-at-a-time primer seating on top of a press. Works with all 7/8" x 14 threaded presses. Includes large and small primer punches.

28.50 ea. 
Lyman RExtended Powder Charge Die 7767905 7767905

Extended Powder Charge Die

The Lyman exclusive extended powder charge die is custom designed to clear the primer feed system on your All American Brass Smith Reloading Turret Press.

26.25 ea. 
Lyman Shellholder

Lyman Detachable Shellholders

Precisely Machined to insure perfect case fit. Fits all popular presses, click here for available sizes.

Lyman Stuck Case Remover Kit 7680350

Lyman Stuck Case Remover Kit

The Lyman Stuck Case Remover Kit will safely and easily remove stuck cases from sizing dies. Unlike other kits, all the tools that are needed are included. The kit includes a unique dual purpose threaded cap that screws over the end of the die. This cap acts as both a drill guide and a guide for the pulling screw. An extra-long hex wrench is included which provides plenty of leverage when removing stuck cases and also doubles as a handle for the tap wrench.

  • Kit includes threaded cap, tap drill, ¼-20 tap, hex screw, long hex wrench, and tap wrench.
  • Everything needed is included in the kit
  • Unique dual purpose threaded cap
  • Long hex wrench provides plenty of leverage and doubles as a tap wrench handle
  • Packed in an reusable clam shell with full instructions
25.25 ea. 
Lyman Dies work with virtually all 7/8" x 14 threaded presses
Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
Handgun 4 Die Sets
7680200.38 Spec/.357 Mag/.357 Rem MaxCarbide 4 Die Set109.50
76802039mm LugerCarbide 4 Die Set109.50
7680207.40 S&W/10mm AutoCarbide 4 Die Set109.50
7680208.45 ACP/.45 Win MagCarbide 4 Die Set109.50
Handgun 3 Die Sets
7680102.25 ACPCarbide 3 Die Set [LIMITED AVAILABILITY]79.95
7680113.32 ACP/.32 S&W Long/.32 H&R MagCarbide 3 Die Set78.95
7680128.327 Federal MagCarbide 3 Die Set78.95
7680112.380 AutoCarbide 3 Die Set78.95
7680098.38 Spec/.357 Mag/.357 Rem MaxCarbide 3 Die Set78.95
7680116.38 S&W/.38 Super AutoCarbide 3 Die Set78.95
76801119mm LugerCarbide 3 Die Set78.95
7680118.40 S&W/10mm AutoCarbide 3 Die Set78.95
7680105.44 Mag/.44 Spec/.445 Super MagCarbide 3 Die Set78.95
7680107.45 ACP/.45 Win MagCarbide 3 Die Set78.95
7680110.45 ColtCarbide 3 Die Set78.95
7680122.454 CasullCarbide 3 Die Set78.95
7680130.460 S&WCarbide 3 Die Set78.95
7680124.480 RugerCarbide 3 Die Set [LIMITED AVAILABILITY]89.95
7462336.500 S&WSteel 3 Die Set [LIMITED AVAILABILITY]69.95
7680126.500 S&WCarbide 3 Die Set78.95
74604865.7 x 28mm FNSteel 3 Die Set60.75
Rifle 2 Die Sets
7452276.204 RugerRifle 2 Die Set52.95
7452277.22 HornetRifle 2 Die Set52.95
7452280.22-250Rifle 2 Die Set52.95
7452282.222 RemRifle 2 Die Set52.95
7457111.223 Rem.Rifle 2 Die Set52.95
7452283.243 WinchesterRifle 2 Die Set52.95
7452351.243 WSSMRifle 2 Die Set [LIMITED AVAILABILITY]59.95
7452284.25 WSSMRifle 2 Die Set [LIMITED AVAILABILITY]59.95
7452358.26 NoslerRifle 2 Die Set52.95
7452285.260 RemingtonRifle 2 Die Set52.95
74523616mm CreedmoorRifle 2 Die Set52.95
74523346mm Rem/.244Rifle 2 Die Set [LIMITED AVAILABILITY]59.95
74523626.5 CreedmoorRifle 2 Die Set52.95
74523636.5 PRCRifle 2 Die Set52.95
74523406.5x55 Swed. Maus.Rifle 2 Die Set52.95
7452289.270 WinchesterRifle 2 Die Set52.95
7452288.270 WSMRifle 2 Die Set52.95
74554967mm Rem MagnumRifle 2 Die Set52.95
74522927mm Rem Ultra Mag.Rifle 2 Die Set [LIMITED AVAILABILITY]53.95
7452343.280 RemingtonRifle 2 Die Set [LIMITED AVAILABILITY]59.95
7452360.28 NoslerRifle 2 Die Set52.95
7452295.300 SavageRifle 2 Die Set52.95
74591107.62 x 39Rifle 2 Die Set52.95
7452301.30-06/7.62 x 63 mmRifle 2 Die Set52.95
7452299.30-30 WinchesterRifle 2 Die Set52.95
7455547.300 AAC BlackoutRifle 2 Die Set52.95
7455650.300 Rem. Ultra Mag.Rifle 2 Die Set [LIMITED AVAILABILITY]59.95
7455638.300 Weatherby Mag.Rifle 2 Die Set52.95
7455647.300 Winchester Mag.Rifle 2 Die Set52.95
74588437.65mm Arg. MauserRifle 2 Die Set52.95
7452296.303 BritishRifle 2 Die Set52.95
7452298.308 WinchesterRifle 2 Die Set52.95
74523058mm x 57 MauserRifle 2 Die Set52.95
7452355.338 Lapua MagnumRifle 2 Die Set52.95
7452338.338 Winchester Mag.Rifle 2 Die Set52.95
74591189.3mm x 62Rifle 2 Die Set52.95
7452316.375 H & H MagnumRifle 2 Die Set52.95
7452320.375 Rem. Ultra Mag.Rifle 2 Die Set [LIMITED AVAILABILITY]59.95
7452322.375 RugerRifle 2 Die Set [LIMITED AVAILABILITY]53.95
7455449.416 RigbyRifle 2 Die Set52.95
Rifle 3 Die Sets
7469042.25-20 WinchesterRifle 3 Die Set66.95
7460475.30 M1 CarbineRifle 3 Die Set67.50
7460484.32-20 WinchesterRifle 3 Die Set67.50
7460480350 LegendRifle 3 Die Set67.50
7460494.38-55 WinchesterRifle 3 Die Set67.50
7460495.44-40 WinchesterRifle 3 Die Set67.50
7460524.450 MarlinRifle 3 Die Set66.95
7460496.45-70 GovernmentRifle 3 Die Set67.50
7660121.50-70 GovernmentRifle 3 Die Set69.95
Individual Specialty Dies
7728040Ram Prime Die with Large & Small Punches28.50
7767901Multi Expand Powder Charge Die48.50
7631290Universal Decapping Die25.95
7767905Extended Powder Charge Die26.25
7631303Individual DieDie Box3.98
7980399Holds 3 DiesDie Box3.25

Bench Wrench
Bench Wrench

Die Parts

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
7990524Pistol One Piece Decapping Rod4.50
7990528Decapping Rod for Universal Decapping Die4.50
71260113-1/2"Decapping Rod Only3.50
71260124-1/4"Decapping Rod Only3.50
7129001Decapping Rod Unit w/ Replaceable Pin5.50
783778610 packDecapping Pins5.25
7631304Split Lock Ring5.25
7990119Die Hex Nut3.98
7392036Adapter 7/8 x 149.50
7990116Die Bench Wrench7.50

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