Lyman Powder Measures

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Lyman 55 Classic Black Powder Measure
7767775 (w/ Tubes)
7767764 (Tubes Only)
55 Classic Black Powder Measure -- The Favorite of Black Powder Cartridge Shooters

Lyman has redesigned the 55 Powder Measure for both smokeless and black powder. A must for black powder cartridge silhouette and cowboy action shooters. The internal metering bars rotate in a non-sparking brass sleeve. A large non-static aluminum powder reservoir holds a pound of black powder. The unique three-slide adjustment bars are the key to consistent accuracy from small pistol charges to the largest rifle charges with accuracy to a fraction of a grain. Handles up to 200 grains volume of Black Powder or Pyrodex Powder. Mounts on the bench or directly on a press or powder measure stand and includes a 7/8" x 14 adapter. Model without 24" drop tubes also available.

199.95 ea. (w/ Tubes)

42.95 ea. (Tubes Only) 
Lyman Powder Measure Baffle 7767758 7767758 Powder Measure Baffle

The Lyman #55 powder baffle helps maintain constant pressure on the rotor, even when powder is low. This results in more consistent measures even when the measure is low on powder. It fits all Lyman 55 Powder Measures, or any other powder measure with a 2" Diameter reservoir tube.

10.10 ea. 

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