Lyman Reloading Press Accessories

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Primer Catcher
Primer Catcher
Auto-Primer Feed
Auto-Primer Feed
Primer Catcher. Made of heavy duty plastic. Unit locks securely to press, but is easily removed when emptying primers.

Auto-Primer Feed. Eliminates handling of primers with oily fingers, speeds loading. Supplied with two tubes (large and small). Fits T-Mag II and Crusher II.

Universal Priming Arm
Priming Arm
Bench Wrench
Bench Wrench

Priming Arm. Seats all sizes and types of primers. No extras to buy. Supplied with two priming sleeves (large and small).

Bench Wrench. Fits all current Lyman die lock nuts, T-Mag turret support post, decapping rod, seating screw, and expander plug hex nuts. Also new style Lyman & RCBS 7/8 x14" nuts.

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceSaleShopping Cart
Press Accessories
7726420T-Mag/CrusherPrimer Catcher15.9514.36
7728036T-Mag/CrusherPriming Arm22.9520.66
7729050T-Mag/CrusherAuto-Primer Feed Complete49.9544.96
7412053LargeAuto-Primer Replacement Feed Tube19.9517.95
7412052SmallAuto-Primer Replacement Feed Tube19.9517.95
7726128T-Mag/CrusherAuto-Primer Replacement Feed Body24.9522.45
7392036Adapter 7/8 x 1411.5010.35
7990116Die Bench Wrench9.758.78
Extra Turret for your T-Mag II
7726153Extra Turret onlyExtra T-Mag Turret94.9585.45

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