Turbo Sonic Ultrasonic Cleaners

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Lyman Turbo Sonic 6000 Ultrasonic Cleaner 7631725 7631734 [115V]
230V Available Special Order
Turbo Sonic Power Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner

Large capacity for cleaning barreled actions up to 34" inside and out -- 7 Gallon Tank.

Lyman has introduced the market's largest and most powerful ultrasonic cleaning system: The Turbo Sonic Power Pro. This system's extra long, heated tank and ten powerful industrial transducers allow gunsmiths, armorers or any shooter to quickly and easily clean, lubricate and protect the widest range of metal items.

Designed for high volume cleaning or for larger than normal items, the new Turbo Sonic Power Pro's 34-3/4" heated stainless steel tank can easily handle most barreled actions, upper receivers, as well as quantities of handguns. The powerful industrial transducers aggressively deep clean and degrease items, both inside and out. In fact, the Power Pro is such an effective cleaner that Lyman recommends that cleaned parts immediately be ultrasonically treated with Lyman's Turbo Sonic Gun Lube. Changing from cleaning to lubrication is easy with the built in drain system.

Designed for volume professional usage, the Power Pro features an all stainless design and professional controls. For complete control of the process, the Power Pro has both a timer and an adjustable heat control. Temperatures up to 175 degrees can be selected.

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2382.95 ea. 
Lyman Turbo Sonic Power Pro Accessory Lube Tank 7631739 7631739 Turbo Sonic Power Pro Accessory Lube Tank

Delivers ultrasonic lubrication without draining the cleaning solution.

Now, users of Lyman's industrial strength Power Pro ultrasonic cleaner can easily and completely lube parts without draining the cleaning solution from the unit. This rugged, stainless tank is designed to sit in the Power Pro's cleaning tank wich remains filled with cleaner. The unit's powerful ultrasonic action is transmitted through the cleaning solution into the accessory tank filled with lube. No tank draining or cleaning is required. Thoughtfully designed, the accessory tank's side support brackets and large handles make fast installation and removal easy. This new accessory tank makes the transition from cleaning to lubrication fast and trouble-free resulting in huge time savings.

  • A perfect and necessary accessory for the Power Pro Ultrasonic Cleaner.
  • Allows deep ultrasonic cleaning and sonic lubrication in the same unit.
  • Allows firearms to be lubricated without draining cleaning solution.
  • Side brackets support the accessory tank allowing it to sit in the cleaning solution, transferring the ultrasonic action to the lube.
  • Tough, welded metal construction.
  • Large handles make moving the tank easy.
  • Huge time savings when cleaning multiple firearms.

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440.95 ea. 
Lyman Turbo Sonic 6000 Ultrasonic Cleaner 7631725 7631725 [115V] Turbo Sonic 6000 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Large capacity for cleaning handgun and pistol frames.

Lyman's Turbo Sonic 6000 has a 6.3 quart tank (12.8" x 8" x 3.9") for cleaning handgun or multiple pistol frames. Cleans up to 1300 9mm cases.The Turbo Sonic 6000 is powered by two industrial grade ultrasonic transducers. The tank has a built-in drain and hose for easy solution changes. Includes a large plastic parts basket with convenient handles.

  • Heated tank for optimum cleaning performance.
  • Processes up to 1300 9mm cases (or 650 .223 cases) in less than 15 minutes.
  • 2 color LED display with 5 timed cleaning cycles.
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449.95 ea. 
Lyman Turbo Sonic 2500 Ultrasonic Cleaner 7631700 7631700 [115V] Turbo Sonic 2500 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Inside and out in less than 10 minutes.

Lyman's Turbo Sonic 2500 delivers ultrasonic cleaning that allows the reloader to clean cases inside and out in less than 10 minutes. The heated tank and Lyman's specially formulated case cleaning solution deliver superior case cleaning of case and primer pockets. The ultrasonic cavitation lifts and dissolves carbon, dirt and any residue left on fired cases.

  • Heated tank and plastic basket delivers Superior Ultrasonic Performance.
  • Processes up to 900 9mm cases (or 400 .223 cases) in less than 15 minutes.
  • Cleans cases inside & out, including primer pockets.
174.95 ea. 
Lyman Turbo Sonic 1200 Ultrasonic Cleaner 7631751 7631751 [115V] Turbo Sonic 1200 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Easy to use and see.

Lyman's new Turbo Sonic 1200 has a newly designed touch-screen operating panel - easy to use and to see.

  • Cleans up to 350 9mm cases (or 150 .223 cases).
  • Sealed control panel fits flush with body and resists water and chemicals.
  • Convenient built in lifting handles.
  • See-thru cover.
  • 4 timer settings.
  • Tank size 6.5 x 5.4 x 2.6 in.
129.98 ea. 
Lyman Turbo Sonic 700 Ultrasonic Cleaner 7631729 7631729 [115V] Turbo Sonic 700 Ultrasonic Cleaner

The perfect size for small batches.

Lyman's new Turbo Sonic 700 is sized for small batch cleaning of cases, firearm parts, dies, mould blocks, cylinders, magazines, etc. Simple, push button digital controls. The Turbo Sonic 700 has a stainless tank with a plastic parts basket. Includes a watch stand and CD holder.

  • Uses advanced oscillation circuitry.
  • Processes up to 100 9mm cases (or 50 .223 cases).
  • 2 color LED display with 5 timed cleaning cycles.
89.98 ea. 
Lyman Case Cleaner & Parts Cleaner
7631711 (Case Cleaner 4 oz)
7631705 (Case Cleaner 16 oz)
7631714 (Case Cleaner 32 oz)
7631712 (Parts Cleaner 4 oz)
7631707 (Parts Cleaner 16 oz)
7631715 (Parts Cleaner 32 oz)
7631736 (Parts Cleaner Gallon)
Turbo Sonic Cleaning Solutions

Select the proper solution for your application - Available in new Gallon size

Cleaning with ultrasonics requires the correct solution for the correct cleaning application. Lyman has partnered with a renowned chemical research team to develop the right solutions for use with today's new Ultrasonic Cleaners. Our Turbo Sonic case cleaning solution was formulated to deliver premium results in cleaning cases inside and out. Our gun parts solution is the perfect choice for steel and stainless steel parts such as barrels, cylinders or other parts. From a 4 oz economy starter size to a large gallon size for the high volume user. Concentrated--each ounce makes 20 to 40 ounces. INSTRUCTION_MANUAL

7.98 Case Cleaner 4 oz

20.50 Case Cleaner 16 oz

31.50 Case Cleaner 32 oz  
7.98 Parts Cleaner 4 oz

20.50 Parts Cleaner 16 oz

31.50 Parts Cleaner 32 oz

86.25 Parts Cleaner Gallon 
Lyman Turbo Sonic Gun Lubricant
7631735 (1 Gallon)
7631754 (5 Gallon)
Turbo Sonic Gun Lubricant

An Absolute Must for Ultrasonic Firearms Cleaning

Specifically formulated for ultrasonic use right out of the bottle, Turbo Sonic Gun Lube displaces moisture and penetrates all the hard to reach areas of any part making it ideal for use after ultrasonic cleaning. Formulated for superior firearms lubrication and protection, the lube leaves a dry protective, lubricating film and can be reused repeatedly.
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104.25/1 Gallon Can

429.95/5 Gallon Can 
Lyman Orange Turbo® Concentrated Case Cleaning Solution 7631355 7631355 (16 oz) Orange Turbo® Concentrated Case Cleaning Solution

Powerful & Concentrated--for shooters without a tumbler or sonic cleaner

A powerful concentrated solution for cleaning or pre-cleaning large batches of cases. Simply mix with water and soak cases for 5 minutes or less. A simple alternative way to get cases clean inside and out for shooters without a tumbler or sonic cleaner. 16 oz bottle provides enough concentrate for 1 gallon of cleaning solution. Best of all, Orange Turbo actually smells like oranges!

19.98 ea. 
Lyman Turbo Sonic Mini Measuring Cup 7631716 7631716 Turbo Sonic Mini Measuring Cup

For measuring the proper solution ratio

Lyman's new Turbo Sonic Measuring Cup is a convenient addition to your ultrasonic cleaning supplies

  • Graduated
  • Holds 4 fl oz
  • Convenient for use with concentrates
5.75 ea. 

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