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The new Mace Pepper Guns are the most accurate non-lethal self defense pepper spray available. Ideal for distance defense with the convenience and accuracy of a point-and-shoot handgun design, its advanced delivery system allows you to spray attackers with a power stream of OC pepper from up to 20 feet away and from any angle. The LED models feature a trigger activated LED light that helps aim at your target in the dark (battery included). All are is easy to reload with pre-filled replacement cartridges. Each gun includes (1) Water Practice cartridge and (1) OC Pepper Spray cartridge, each providing up to 7 short bursts. Approximate Dimensions: 6.5" x 4.5" x 1.5". Scroll down for fitted pepper gun holsters.

You can safely DEFEND YOURSELF in a threatening situation with the effective power of Mace Maximum Strength Formula…
10% OC Pepper with invisible UV marking dye that can help police identify your attacker. Just spray and get away!

Mace Pepper Gun Mace Pepper Gun
Navy Blue Pepper Gun w/LED Light


Hot Pink Pepper Gun w/LED Light


Mace Pepper Gun Mace Pepper Gun
Matte black Pepper Gun w/LED Light


Camo Pepper Gun w/Matching Holster


Mace Pepper Gun Holsters, the perfect way to secure and carry a Mace Pepper Gun. Pepper Guns sold separately.
Nylon Pepper Gun Holster Leather Pepper Gun Holster
Black Nylon Holster

This soft nylon case is durable and features a snap closure and belt loop.


Black Leather Holster

This sturdy black leather holster is molded for a custom fit and features a snap closure and belt loop.

Model # 80106

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Mace Pepper Gun Refill Packs - 1/2 Original Price
8042228 gramsPepper Gun Refills - Dual Pack 1 OC + 1 H2O [CLEARANCE]16.991.70


OC = Oleoresin Capsicum, derived from cayenne peppers, causes an intense burning sensation to the skin, eyes, and throat upon contact
CS = Orthochlorobenzalmalononitrile, "tear gas", causes profuse tearing of the eyes, an intense burning sensation to the skin, and shortness of breath
UV = Ultaviolet, UV dye invisibly marks an assailant which may aid in identification

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