Mace State Formulations

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We do not pretend to know all the state and local regulations regarding defensive sprays--which can change any day.
It is your responsibility to check with your local police department and attorneys office.

Below are the state regulations that we are aware of--for these states, non-complient items will be removed from your order.

  • New York: Must be purchased from local licensed firearms dealer or pharmacists
  • Massachusetts: Must be purchased from local licensed firearms dealer--Firearms Idetification Card (FID) is required
  • Michigan: Specific state pepper or tear gas formulation (see below)
  • Wisconsin: Special state formulation (see below, contains no UV dye)
  • Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO, The US Insular Areas, and International: We cannot ship ORM-D items to you

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10% Peppergard (Formulation: OC Pepper) -- No UV Dye
Estimated remaining - 80233:10; 80234:10; 80236:8
8023311 gramsPepperGard - Pocket Model w/ key chain [CLEARANCE]14.951.50
8023418 gramsPepperGard - Personal Model with key chain [CLEARANCE]16.951.70
8023611 gramsPepperGard - Leather Plus Model w/ key ring [CLEARANCE]12.951.29


OC = Oleoresin Capsicum, derived from cayenne peppers, causes an intense burning sensation to the skin, eyes, and throat upon contact
CS = Orthochlorobenzalmalononitrile, "tear gas", causes profuse tearing of the eyes, an intense burning sensation to the skin, and shortness of breath
UV = Ultaviolet, UV dye invisibly marks an assailant which may aid in identification

*CLEARANCE = Items that we or the manufacturer have discontinued, have too much of, is old stock that may be past their best if used by date, or we simply want the space. Marked down well below our costs--our loss is your gain. Clearance Mace items are limited to original stock on hand, are as is and without warranty, however they are returnable within two weeks if and only if the outer clamshell packaging has not been opened (you pay all shipping expenses). If you order more than what we have of a particular item, we will prorate your order to what is left.

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