Pachmayr® Pac-Skin™ The Ultimate Gripping Suface

This 'peel-n-stick' rubber material provides the 'ultimate gripping surface' on those items where improving the grip was difficult, if not impossible, in the past. A finely textured neoprene rubber surface coupled with a 'peel-n-stick' adhesive backing makes a perfect accessory for your favorite gun, bow, or any surface where improved cushion, grip surface, or equipment protection is desired.

Shoting Sports
Cheek -- Grip -- Forend
Archery & Fishing
Archery & Fishing
Essential for Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement

Only the Cheek Cushion is available [heart shaped piece on left],
Typically installed on top of the butt stock, between your cheek and the stock.

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00712PS-CCPac-Skin Cheek Cushion, 6-1/4" x 6-1/4" [LIMITED AVAILABILITY]16.98

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