Pachmayr® Rack-It

03890 (Black) Rack-It™ Rack Assist

Pachmayr - a leader in Handgun grips, recoil reduction, and gunsmithing - has introduced the Rack-It™ Pistol Slide Rack Assist. The Pachmayr Rack-It is the answer for those who lack the hand strength to rack the slide of semi-auto handguns. Shooters with small hands, those with arthritis, and others with limited hand strength often struggle working the slide on many pistols. This innovative product fits over the slide and muzzle of your handgun, and provides a greatly increased gripping surface and reduces the effort needed to rack a slide. The Rack-It is adjustable and fits most full size and compact semi-auto handguns, with the exception of CZ handguns, micro size handguns, and handguns with flared barrel muzzles greater than .660" in diameter.

23.50  Black  

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