Pachmayr Slip-On™ Grips and Tactical Grip Gloves

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Slip-On™ Grips. Made from a special soft rubber formula that gives superior stretch yet maintains tight fit on almost all gun frames. Designed for easy installation and available in five sizes to eliminate the need to cut the grip to fit. Four models cover the range of semi-auto pistol frame sizes. With finger groves. Richly textured for a sure grip. Easiest to install.

Pachmayr Large Slip-On GripsPachmayr Medium Slip-On Grips
Model 2Model 3

Pachmayr Small Slip-On GripsPachmayr Compact Slip-On Grips
Model 4Model 5

Item IDSize/StyleDescriptionPriceSaleShopping Cart
05106Model 2Slip-On Grip Large--With Finger Grooves12.9811.55
05108Model 3Slip-On Grip Medium--With Finger Grooves12.9811.55
05110Model 4Slip-On Grip Small--With Finger Groove12.9811.55
05117Model 5Slip-On Grip Compact--With Hollow Finger Groove12.9811.55

Check the table below for your gun; if not listed look for a gun of similar size to yours.
Model 2: Action Arms AT-88SS; AMT Auto Mag II .22, Automatic III, IV, V; Bernardelli PO18S; Browning BDM, Buckmark, Challenger II; Colt Double Eagle, 2000; CZ M75, M85; EAA Witness; Excam TA-90, FIE TZ-75, Targa GT21; Glock 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 24, ; H&K P9S; High Std .22 Auto; Jericho Baby Eagle; Ruger Standard and MKII .22 Autos; S&W 45 ACP Full Size Autos; Sphinz AT 2000STD; Springfield P-9; Steyr GB

Model 3: American Arms P98; AMT On Duty; Astra A-100; Beretta 84 D/A .380, B92S, B92, B92FS/D/G, 96FS/D/G, Centurian, Cougar; Browning BDA 380 D/A .380 ACP, High Power 9mm & 40S&W; Daewoo DP51; Colt Double Eagle 2000; CZ M75, M85; Glock M17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23; H&K M-4, USP; Llama M-82, 87; Parker Automatic; Ruger P85, 89, 90, 91, 93, 94, 95; Sig-Sauer P220, 225, 226, 228, 229, 239; S&W Novak 10xx, 39xx, 59xx, 69xx, 45xx, 40S&Ws, Sigma Series; Sphinx AT-2000; Springfield P-9; Star 30PK, PD, M-30; Taurus PT-58, PT92-99, 100 AF & DC Models; Walther P-5, P-38, P-88

Model 4: American Arms CX-22 DA, PK-22, PX-22, PX-25; AMT 380 Auto DA; Colt Govt .380, Mustang, Pocket Lite; Davis .380 and .32; EAA European Model; Interarms Firestar; Llama .380; QFI LA380; Sig-Sauer P-230; Sphinx AT380; Taurus PT-22/25; Walther PP, PPK, PPK/S

Model 5: Glock 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 33; Beretta Mini Cougar; H&K USP Compact; Kel-Tec P-11; Sig-Sauer P-239

Pachmayr Tactical Grip Gloves for Beretta, CZ, Glock, Ruger, S&W, and Springfield
Sig - Glock - Beretta

Tactical Grip Gloves. The Slip-On That Fits Like A Glove. Outperforms All Other Slip-On Grips.

Grip Gloves are custom molded for each pistol model. Ideal for polymer frame handguns with no replacement grips available. Made from Pachmayr Decelerator material, Grip Gloves deliver enhanced control and will absorb recoil. The custom fit feels like an extension of your handgun grip. The ultra-soft, ultra-stretchy material makes installation a snap. No trimming, no need for soap and water. Distinctive ventilated side panels and finger grooves provide more instinctive gun orientation and a professional look. Tactical Grip Gloves are the only Slip-Ons that “fit like a glove.”

  • Custom Designed for Each Model
  • 19 sizes
  • Ventilated Side Panels
  • Contoured
  • Finger Grooves
  • Flexible Ultra-Soft Rubber Technology
  • Ideal for Concealed Carry

Item IDSize/StyleDescriptionPriceSaleShopping Cart
05160Beretta 92FS/D/G/SB/F, 96FS/D/G, M9Tactical Grip Glove13.9812.44
05162CZ 75/85Tactical Grip Glove13.9812.44
05164Glock 17, 20, 21, 22, 31, 34, 35, 37Tactical Grip Glove13.9812.44
05174Glock Compacts 19, 23, 25, 32, 38Tactical Grip Glove13.9812.44
05161Glock 42, 43Tactical Grip Glove *13.9812.44
05175Glock Sub CompactTactical Grip Glove13.9812.44
05159Kahr CW9, CW40, P9, P40, Beretta 92, PX4 StormTactical Grip Glove *13.9812.44
05163Kahr P45, CW45, TP9, TP40, TP45, CT40, CT45Tactical Grip Glove13.9812.44
05177Ruger LC9, LC380, Sig P938, Sig P238, Ruger SR9C, Kahr PM9, Kahr PM40Tactical Grip Glove *13.9812.44
05176Ruger LCP, Taurus TCP, Beretta Nano, Kel-Tech P-3AT & P32Tactical Grip Glove *13.9812.44
05158Ruger SR9 & SR40Tactical Grip Glove13.9812.44
05173S&W BodyguardTactical Grip Glove *13.9812.44
05166S&W Sigma, Walter P99, Taurus 24/7(full size)Tactical Grip Glove13.9812.44
05179S&W M&P Shield, Ruger SR22, Walther PPS, Taurus PT 704 Slim, Taurus PT 709 SlimTactical Grip Glove *13.9812.44
05172S&W M&P Series Full SizeTactical Grip Glove13.9812.44
05168Sig P220, 226, 228, 229, MosquitoTactical Grip Glove13.9812.44
05167Sig P320Tactical Grip Glove (NEW)13.9812.44
05170Springfield XD, XD(M) Full Size FramesTactical Grip Glove13.9812.44
05178Springfield XD(S)Tactical Grip Glove *13.9812.44

* Indicates plain front strap, no finger grooves

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