Pachmayr® Snap Caps for Shotgun, Pistol & Revolver.

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Pachmayr Snap Caps

03228 (40 S&W)
03230 (45 ACP)
04484 (20 GA)
04499 (12 GA)
Pachmayr Snap Caps for Shotgun, Pistol & Revolver

Ideal for training, working firearm action and dry firing.

Snap Caps allow safe dry firing while protecting firing pin, sear and trigger. Excellent for firearms safety and storage. Dry Fire Dummy Rounds are made of tough plastic exterior with solid brass base, and spring loaded brass primer.

13.98/2 pack12 GA

13.98/2 pack20 GA

25.98/5 pack40 S&W

25.98/5 pack45 ACP

Pachmayr Rimfire Snap Caps

Pachmayr .22 Rimfire Snap Caps

Dry fire any .22 LR Rimfire firearm safely and without chamber damage.

Packed in handy 24 packs, these Pachmayr snap caps are precisely molded from a resilient polymer for many safe, damage-free hammer drops. After extensive experimentation and testing, these tough, polymer snap caps are proven to deliver long life and many hammer drops. In fact, testing has shown that these snap caps can withstand up to 5-times as many as hammer drops as the other "disposable" rimfire snapcaps.

13.98/24 pack.22 LR

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