Standard Issue Handcuffs

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Standard Steel Chain Style Handcuff -- Nickel 8112_1_31 - Handcuffs - Available to law enforcement and civilians - not for export.

Hiatt handcuffs are designed to meet the needs of the law enforcement personnel through a variety of unique features.

  • Built-in backloading feature for faster cuffing
  • 18 teeth - 3 retaining bars with 6 teeth on each bar making cuffs extremely hard to pick
  • Heavy duty construction with oversized rivet heads for added strength
  • Leaf spring double locking system is very difficult to defeat
  • True Swing Technology guarantees the shackle hits the center of the cuff every time
  • Chain model includes reinforced steel swivels
  • Certified under National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standard 0307.01 Standard Steel Chain Style Handcuff
  • Also available in black (8112_1_2)
  • Also available in Oversized
    • 17% larger for retaining larger subjects
    • Nickel (8112_2_31) or Black (8112_2_2)

Item IDStyleDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
8112_1_31NickelStandard Steel Chain Style Handcuff39.98
8112_1_2BlackStandard Steel Chain Style Handcuff49.98
8112_2_31NickelOversized Steel Chain Style Handcuff (17% larger)59.98
8112_2_2BlackOversized Steel Chain Style Handcuff (17% larger)69.98
Deluxe Handkuff Key Standard Handkuff Key Be prepared
Keep an extra key on hand
8400_0_31NickelStandard Handcuff Keys [pair with ring]2.98
HK10Stainless SteelDeluxe Handcuff Key13.98

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