TargDots Auto Advance Remot Controlled Target System

No need to wait for a cease fire and no need to walk down range to change targets.

Auto Advance Target System TargDots Auto Advance Remote Controlled Target System

Literally hours of shooting before you need to leave the shooting bench!

The Lyman Auto-Advance Target System is a revolutionary design, offering the advantage of remote target advancement previously only found in expensive industrial systems. The Auto-Advance Target System will advance your shooting targets with the use of a hand-held remote controller at distances of up to 200 yards. No more walking downrange to replace targets, or waiting for a cease-fire to be called. Advance to the next target without getting up from your shooting bench! The Auto-Advance Target System is battery operated, so there is no need for access to power outlets, plus it disassembles easily for transportation back and forth to the shooting range. The Auto-Advance Target System has steel protection plates that are rated for use with all rimfire calibers. The legs of the stand use standard and inexpensive electrical conduit tubing available at any home center. This makes replacing damaged legs simple and also allows for customizing target heights to suit your particular needs. The Auto-Advance Target System comes with a roll of standard bullseye targets. Additional 50 foot target rolls are available with bullseye, animal and silhouette designs. With just the push of a button on a remote you can advance your target roll - making the range a much more enjoyable and productive experience. Great for any level of shooter. Order today!

  • Quick assembly and break down for transport to and from the range (~30 lbs)
  • Assembled: 24"W x 29"D x 60"H (variable height)
  • Internal components shielded by heavy-duty AR400 steel
  • Battery operated -- no cord needed (uses a 9V and 8 AA batteries, not included)


  • Target Stand
  • Remote Control (up to 200 yards range) (9V battery not included)
  • 4 Landscape Stakes
  • Rewinding Wrench
  • 1 roll 50 ft Bullseye target roll
  • Instructions

NOTE: Shipped in manufacturers heavy duty box.

Buy two for 5% discount.
79.95 ea. 

Replacement 50 foot target rolls -- 18" Wide x 50' Long

Bullseye 4320075 Auto Advance Target System

Smallbore 4320076 Auto Advance Target System

Silhouette 4320077 Auto Advance Target System

Varmint 4320078 Auto Advance Target System


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