Cardboard Targets and Backers

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Cardboard Target Chipboard Target
24" × 45"
19½" × 40"
50 Yard Police Pistol Silhouette
With slots in bottom & hole in top
Die-Cut Bobber
One side Black
One side Brown
Cardboard Target Cardboard Target
18½" × 30"
18½" × 30"
Official IDPA
Cut to shape
Brown front and back
Perforated scoring
Official USPSA
IPSC Combat
Cut to shape
Brown front/White back
Perforated scoring
Cardboard Target Cardboard Target
18" × 30"
18" × 30"
Official Bianchi Cup Target
Rounded top
cut to tombstone
Official Action Pistol / Bianchi
Rounded top
cut to tombstone
Cardboard Target Cardboard Target
22" × 30"
22" × 30"
Official America`s Rifle Target
Cut to shape
Official America`s Rifle Target
Cut to shape
Cardboard Target
24" × 45"
Department of Energy Target
DOE Standard Target in Green
Cardboard Target
19" × 31"
FBI Training & Qualification
White Cardboard
Cardboard Target Cardboard Target
19" × 30"
19" × 30"
Drawn man
Shades of black
Hooded Man w/ gun
and FBI-Q scoring
Images of respective paper targets.

IDA.K.A.Size/StyleDescriptionPrice EachCALL
25 - 499500 - 9991000 +
Printed Cardboard Targets
B27(24x45)(CB)B-2724" x 45" (CB)50 Yard Police Pistol Silhouette, Cardboard (with slots in bottom & hole in top) [UPS Oversize]1.951.701.50Call to Order
IDPA(CB)IDPA18½" x 30" (CB)Official IDPA, Cardboard (cut to shape; brown front and back; perforated scoring) to Order
IPSC(CB)IPSC18½" x 30" (CB)Official USPSA / IPSC Combat, Cardboard (cut to shape; brown front with white back; perforated scoring)1.321.201.12Call to Order
D1(CB)D-118" x 30" (CB)Official Bianchi Cup Target, Cardboard (rounded top, cut to tombstone)1.351.251.11Call to Order
AP1(CB)AP-118" x 30" (CB)Official AP-1 Action Pistol / Bianchi Target, Cardboard (rounded top, cut to tombstone)1.361.261.12Call to Order
AR1(CB)AR-122" x 30" (CB)Official America`s Rifle Target, Cardboard (cut to shape)0.960.880.80Call to Order
AR2(CB)AR-222" x 30" (CB)Official America`s Rifle Target, Cardboard (cut to shape)0.960.880.80Call to Order
DOE15(CB)DOE-1524" x 45" (CB)Department of Energy Standard Target, Cardboard (100 minimum) to Order
DSQ1A(CB)DS-Q1A19" x 30" (CB)Drawn man, shades of black, Cardboard1.321.100.97Call to Order
FBIQ(CB)FBI-Q19" x 31" (CB)FBI Training & Qualification, Center Mass Outline, White Cardboard1.581.451.30Call to Order
NTC300(CB)NTC-30019" x 30" (CB)Hooded Man w/ gun & FBI-Q scoring, Cardboard1.301.100.98Call to Order
Chipboard BOBBERChipboard BOBBERChipboard
BOBBER~19½" x 40"
50 Yard Bobber, Chipboard .120" thick (one side black, one side brown)4.484.484.48Call to Order
Cardboard BackersCorrugated CardboardCardboard Target Backers
sheets of unprinted cardboard to mount your paper targets to
CTB(21x24)~21" x 24" (CB)Cardboard Target Backer1.030.900.85Call to Order
CTB(24x24)~24" x 24" (CB)Cardboard Target Backer1.070.980.88Call to Order
CTB(20x32)~20" x 32" (CB)Cardboard Target Backer1.151.050.94Call to Order
CTB(22.5x35)~22½" x 35" (CB)Cardboard Target Backer1.201.100.98Call to Order
CTB(24x36)~24" x 36" (CB)Cardboard Target Backer [UPS Oversize] to Order
CTB(24x42)~24" x 42" (CB)Cardboard Target Backer [UPS Oversize]1.401.301.25Call to Order
CTB(24x45)~24" x 45" (CB)Cardboard Target Backer [UPS Oversize]1.451.351.25Call to Order
CTB(24x48)~24" x 48" (CB)Cardboard Target Backer [UPS Oversize]1.501.401.30Call to Order
CTB(35x45)~35" x 45" (CB)Cardboard Target Backer [UPS Oversize]1.901.801.60Call to Order
CTB(36x48)~36" x 48" (CB)Cardboard Target Backer [UPS Oversize]1.901.801.65Call to Order
Weatherproof Corregated Plastic
Corrugated Plastic
23" x 25"Corrugated Plastic Target Backboard [#46100]9.989.989.98Call to Order
Corrugated Plastic
18" x 30"Sharpshooter IPSC White/Brown Corrugated Plastic Target12.9812.9812.98Call to Order
Corrugated Plastic
18" x 30"
6 Pack
Sharpshooter IPSC White/Brown Corrugated Plastic Target69.9869.9869.98Call to Order

Item IDSize/StyleDescriptionPrice
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Brown and Black Pasters - cover holes in cardboard to make them last longer
TPBR3/4" Circles BrownTarget pasters, 500/roll (in dispenser box)3.50
TPSBR1" Squares BrownTarget pasters, 1000/roll (in dispenser box)7.00
TPBK3/4" Circles BlackTarget pasters, 500/roll (in dispenser box)3.50
TPSBK1" Squares BlackTarget pasters, 1000/roll (in dispenser box)7.00

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